Saturday, May 31, 2008


black Angel

Do you see what I see?
My painting are my dream. I must consider these thought, but the water of life runs deep.


Lao Tzu: Quote for Saturday May 31, 2008
Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.
-- Lao Tzu
My mood has chaged from dark to light as you can see with these paintings all done within hours of each other. Then after a walk in the sun, all is done. I am like a river flowing thrubanks of emotion which I paint.One must remember rivers flow thru manty lands. This flow bring change which must be. To resist is to resist the natural flow of in the world we live.
-- Lloyd
I am glad your paintings are no longer dark but vibrant. It reflects that you are feeling better. I like your colors when they are brighter and flowing freely like a river.
# posted by Ebb Tide : 4:54 PM
I see the angel, Lloyd. But I also see a large angel with outstretched arms embracing the entire landscape. I'm glad things are brighter for you. Thanks for visiting my blog today, friend!


ruff !,Ruff !,Ruff!

Ruff !,Ruff !,Ruff
!said the alien dog of the night
He was looking for a cat to fight
Alone he sat in the weird wood!
Looking as proud as he could.


RED Angle

The red Angle appeared to me. She said :Make ready, for you have a date with me.:
I said can I make a bargan with thee?
Yes said she but the bargan is not with me
For it is a plea for your eter naty
You must listen to lifes song and judge right and wrong...................
Ebb Tide has left a new comment on your post "JAZZ": You drop by one word on my blog-"look." Now I am looking at this painting. Is this really how you feel lately? Tormented or haunted by spirits? Next time, I'd like to look more of your red paintings. ..................................................................................................

Thursday, May 29, 2008



This character seems to be haunted by spirits. I like it Lloyd.
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Carver has left a new comment on your post "JAZZ": I agree with Sandy. It does look like it's being haunted by spirits. I like it too.
VioletSky has left a new comment on your post "TRAIN OF THOUGHT": Lloyd, this story is so beautifully written. Reading it, I could see all the images you describe so well. How ironic that it is a blind man who can make a scene so evocative.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


written by.. Tom Chmura ...sketch by Lloyd Bradbury

Old Joe, Old Flo and the Cicadas

Tom Chmura
“Hello Flo.”
“Hello Joe.”
“Hey Flo, look at these bugs. They’re all around. 17 years under ground. Then out they come all worn and torn. They look pretty sloppy after they transform. How ‘bout it Flo? 17 years underground. Have sex once then they die. My-o-my.” Then Joe got a jolt from pretty flo.
“Sex every 17 years,” she said, “That’s way too much, I’d rather be dead. That’s something that I could do without.” Now that jolted Joe’s head when Flo said she’d never have a man in her bed.
Joe said to Flo, “That’s problematic you see. I had this quirky thing about you and me. But sex every 17 years is not enough. At least once a year, now that’s the stuff!”
“O.K. Joe, we got no show. Good-bye Joe I gotta blow.”
“O.K. Flo you sexless twit, I don’t care a bit. So, so long Flo. I’ll find a ho’.”
While the cicadas sang, Joe’s bell the ho’ rang.
Too bad for Flo.
Too bad for Joe. Too bad for the cicadas, soon they’ll be no mo’

Monday, May 26, 2008



Train of Hough
He was on his way home from Wallgreens. After his surgery the doctor prescribed 5 bottles of pills.It was in July and the day was a hot one. The sweat rolled down his back.The air was full of big city pollution. Smelling it made him curse.He waited with his white cane to cross the stree. Maybe one of those big ugly trucks would end his life. It was not in the cards today. So he crossed 47th and Western Avenue
The hood had changed. Anglos like him were in the minorityAt the gas station, Mexican music purred from the cars. At the convince store a smiling Arab was taking money for milk and cigarettes. A bike rode by him selling ice cream. The pedal pusher was an old man. Passing the reclaimed pallet place, the sound of hammering was heard. They worked with their tools from 7 to dark! He wondered why they piled the pallets so close to his house. On the other side lived his friend Pablo.
Train of HoughAs he entered the alley he remembered he would be alone tonight. He was happy to have some time for himself.The side door was then unlocked. It was a large heavy gray one with a very small peep window. It opened to a staircase, which lead straight up to the second floor.
Train of HoughThe stairs seemed stretched to a third floor! It was a dark stairway with gray and brown pealing paint. The door was closed at the top. Wearily he climbed up thirteen brown stairs, He flung the white door open. This was his castle!The sun streams though the windows, a breeze blew from the alley. Picking out a cold drink at the refrigerator, he headed to a safer place. That place was his wonderful chair He had bought the recliner from an old lady. This old rust colored chair sat in the living room by the long table. Sitting on one end of the table was the TV. He seldom turned it on. He liked radio better. The sound of music from the earphones drowned out city noisesTrain of HoughSlumping into his chair, a since of well being came over him. He put on the earphones and tuned in some soft calming music. Such comfort!His mind scanned the room. He was surround by shelves of treasures. He knew them all. They were his old friends.He knew where each collectable sat. They were all placed in an honorable spot.On one shelf were old toy trains. A Steam engine, coal tender and a caboose which stood ready to run down a track to a small town station. His dad had worked on such a railroad. Dad used to say the railroads were here to stay!In another place on a shelf a Morsel village presented itself. He had built them as kits. Each model building reminded him of a place he had been even the windmill bought as a soveneerof on a family outing to Holland Michigan.A rubber truck came away from the village. It crossed a plastic bridge to another display. Here were lighthouses and ships filling a separate shelf. The lighthouses he had climbed inside. They were the castles of America! He liked the sea and its waves of mystery. The wind in a boats sails reminded him of Freedom
Train of HoughThere were many more shelves of remembrances. Each a page in his life. He was amazed at his feeling of contentment. Each day that he sat here they brought Happiness.

Lloyd, If you have a Hemingway moment, you might want to participate in this: Six-word Memoir Meme

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Glazing before Glazing your res over blue

Hint............Build your colors and tones slowly. Leave the painting to dry between each coat or layer of paint (glaze). This way, if you make an error you can correct it easily by wiping the new paint off. Or, if you put down a color and find it’s too strong, wipe off any surplus. If you want to even out your colors, I find the best thing to use is a sponge. To add background design is to scribble wet paint with sharp back of yor brush.
SandyCarlson : 8:20 PM
i like this one!
# posted by NaNcY : 6:03 PM

Friday, May 23, 2008


I want to try glazing with you!

Glazing is not so easy. I mixed true blue with glazing medium added alittle water applied this paint mixture to panels.......................................Nuts

Well,you learn by you mistakes!
Avoid splashing everything other then your panel or canvas
.Only use a few drops of blue versus glaze mediumand
do not get medium on hands or hands shrivel up.
Do not glaze if not in mood!
Do go to bed if tired from night after you were the guest speaker at Lions banquet
Will try again after...................................................
I am back It is 4 AM. My mind is working now...
What have I learned so far.................................
The Two Secrets to GlazingThe first secret to glazing is to use extremely thin paint. The second secret to glazing is patience, don't go too fast. (How simple is that?!) ......
Not so simple. .....butr I always learn the hard way............
My panels are painted , but so are 6 old canvas. The paintings that were hanging around my studio turned blue.... I went wild with blue!
Just call me Blue Boy!!!!!!Net Post will be pictures showing my results in blue madness!
........................OK !........................ ! Red glazed over blue makes purple. Right1 let us be Smurffs!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Monday, May 19, 2008


Riverside (Ill.) Art Fair...Sat,May 17 10AM to 5PM....Sun. 10Am to 4pm

Me and my Red Ones!

Fresh Paint! - Paintings, Sketches and Studies
Fresh art work by Barbara Sistak Baur that is lively, textural and vibrant. Thank you for sharing my adventure in art. There is so much to paint, I often do not know what to do first. You might see landscape, still life, figurative, bakeries or anything else. You might see paintings, drawings or sketches. You might see images that are realistic expressionistic, abstract, alla prima, painterly or something else. But everything is original, colorful and fun.


It was windy and Cols, but the sun was shinning

The windy was blowing the art around.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Are You ready to Glaze??? With me ! pasrt 4

We will need the following paints,
Product name AMERICANA....20- fl oz........
True Blue
real Red
Bright Yellow
Glaze Medium
All total cost 5 brush 2-inch soft brisle or larger. hardware store type.......................
Your three 8x10 inch GESSOED Painted panels are also need3ed .Did you do that yet Sandy>


Riverside (Ill.) Art Fair...Sat,May 17 10AM to 5PM....Sun. 10Am to 4pm

Taake a break this week end. See two of my art pieces at the Riverside Art Center Tent. I will gice you a discount if you tell me you saw this on my blog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Glazing Part3 preparing the surface on the panel to paint

I was given some card stock that was 9 x10.5 inches. David at Grumpys saved them from food seperators . This material was harder and smoother then cardboard. Look around yor area for a hard material of this size frame canvas,wood or heavy card stock. Canvas mounted on hard board are sold in art suppliy stores are also good. You will need three.
The trick here is to prepare your surface of these 9 x10 panels. What is needed is a smooth surface. You do this by apply a polymer coating of GESSO. You can buy a small amount at the art supply store
Are you ready with your psnels, sponge and Gesso?


Glazing Part 2 Materials.....Join me!

lazing part2 Supplie....s Join me in m6y quest
Since this is practice and experimental art supplies cost will be as little as possible. We can save our money for the future masterpiece.

Answer to comment.........My objective is that I am learning too. the glazing post are for fun mine and others. Simple is the key word in doing this. Any one can add to this ojective thru comment.
Also if you miss a few posts it will be easy to catch up on what we are doing


Glazing.....The platform will be the surface we will paint

The platform will be the surface we will paint
Now I must dig around my supplies. Sop then i will continue. In the meantime you check the paint you have in blue and red. Also lookfor a surface you can try painting. canvas,wood or hardboard canvas sheet.
picture taken for this painting as reference...... click below

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Painting Glazes some theory part 1 ...Join Me for a few minutes a day!

Painting Glazes
After the two story break , let get back to our painting fun.
Glazing is building up color by applying thin, transparent layers or coats one of top of another.Each glaze tints or modifies the color of the paint beneath it. When you look at a painting, the color is mixed optically giving a deep, rich color
let learn by doing and find out the effects we can achieve. a glaze of red over blue gives a richer purple than you’d get if you mixed the red and blue paint together on your palette before you applied it.
a glaze of red over blue will then be our firstt combination of colors. Our starting point of application will be choosing the platform to apply the paint.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I am True Blue

I am True BlueI started glazing the back ground of some new paintings. Sprayed surface with water. Applyed a few tdrops of true blue. Put bottle of paint back in pocket. then scrubed color into canvas as a glaze. Child came by and handed me a cap to my upsidedown bottle of paint that I had put in my pocket. . in the following struggle , I became true blue.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Blue the Nobel color

Blue The noble color of the skyBlue has always been associated with royalty, it is cool, soothing, a reminder of infinity and things spiritual. it gives a sense of stability. It is no co-incidence that big financial institutions often have blue colored emblems. Although the sky and the sea are both rich in blues, blue coloring is rare in natural minerals, Azurite and Turquoise being almost the only ones used for art until modern times. Ancient Britons covered their faces in Woad, and around the mediterranean Indigo was used for dyeing textiles. The scarcity of good and affordable blues meant both were employed by artists from time to time. The Egyptians developed Blue Frit to meet the need for a good blue but it was too weak and coarse to last until modern times. When the Europeans began importing ground Lapis Lazuli they thought they had found the perfect blue finally. It was except that it cost more than the same weight of gold. It wasn't until the synthesization of Ultramarine in the 1820's that artist had what they really needed all those years, an affordable, permanent, and useful deep blue of great beauty.

Sunday, May 04, 2008



"BLUE"What is blue?Blue is the moonlit sky.Blue is the ocean.Blue smells like salt.Blue is a line.Blue is oh so sad.Blue is the tears from your face.Blue is rain.Blue is a shivery thing.Blue is a cold shivery pool.Blue is a big wet splash!............................ By AUDREY RESELLA
click above to read about a special person


woods ...A Fun Sketch

I can not walk the woods today. My leg is inflamed and was weeping. To see the doctor. This hqas happened befor. So i was prepare with special bandages. So today the swelling is down and the wond healed. but will not walk tgru the woods for a while. At least my mind and heart is there.

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