Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I am True Blue

I am True BlueI started glazing the back ground of some new paintings. Sprayed surface with water. Applyed a few tdrops of true blue. Put bottle of paint back in pocket. then scrubed color into canvas as a glaze. Child came by and handed me a cap to my upsidedown bottle of paint that I had put in my pocket. . in the following struggle , I became true blue.

It's official: Lloyd's Blue Period. Can't wait to see!
papa smurf?? :) no i made his cake for his bday. hope u have a great weekend!
Thanks for stopping by, Lloyd. Looking forward to your new work!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Been busy celebrating Mother's Day. Are you working on another painting? All blue color this time?
I haven't tried painting with just one color.
Hi Lloyd, am looking forward to seeing your "blue period". Have been looking through your gallery and love the vibrant colours and emotions in your paintings. Each time I look again I see something previously missed, almost like a kaleidoscope that morphes into several images. I'm not an artist, and I especially like that you 'teach' in your postings as well as show off your work.

Wishing good health to your wife and you.
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