Tuesday, January 31, 2006


City garden (=)*Hi Ivy

Have you seen one of these plants?

They are from Brazil, I had A RED Vained one, about 20 tears ago! I filled a large bucket with wallnut shells and chopped up banna skins, topped it off with soil from the side of the city walk. So a big rule was disobeyed.
The soil should be free of orittes, molds and fungus. Also weeds are ever present in the earth. Experience tells me now, I should have baked the soil. Or better yet bought some potting nixture.
I put the plant near a radiator . We livrd in one of those old Chicago flates where you had to get a pass to enter, (from the rats). The radiators were always leaking steam, even in the summer. We watered it when we saw it go limp.
The plant grew into a large sprawlling jungle. it grew tiny white flowers.
I loved to see The plant fold at night and open during the day. Some strange bugs appeared and the weeds had to be plucked.
We both prospered.


arrowroot, any plant of the genus Maranta

Say a prqyer for me, Babby!
Brazilian prayerplant more http://lbradbury.blogspot.com/

Sunday, January 29, 2006



The viewc from my window that I see!
Sometimes my imagination frightens me.


Honey, Do Not Buy It! Please. What a whimp I am.

Don’t let imagination be used against you!t!
Wishful thinking
Ever have visions of grandeur? Especially after demon rum?
Alcohol, Holocene drugs, and even some types of mushrooms can create visions. A price is paid for this intoxication. Yorr body and mind can beodams short circuited, the visions are corrupt. Rememberence is vague and sketchy.
You still can have these visions without unnatural means. Constructive imagibation can remove restraints by removing one limit at a time. An ample of this follows:
A new car flashes by. What was that? Where can I check it out!! You drive to the showroom. The salesmen put you in the driver’s seat. Wow! What a car and it is yours. A fantasy that becomes reality. The salesmen used your imagination to mark the sale.
The ladies go shopping. A sign says 59 percent off. They look. They try on the cloths. The saleslady tells them the choose makes them look younger. They are
Motivated to buy.
In both examples they are coursed by the salesperson!
How do we explain this?
They used Imagination of ownership. This appeals to a personal want. This want is not a need. Having becomes a fantasy.
If you become aware of self and understand your needs No one can use you imagination

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Technology Workers

Did you know that a cashier at McDonald's usually knows more technology than a PhD in Education? Read more....



Are you wondering what in the world an acrylic medium is? Then you are also probably wondering what they are used for?
Acrylic paint is composed of two basic things: pigment and binder. The binder in all acrylic paint is an acrylic polymer, which gives the paint its consistency. The acrylic polymers that paint manufacturers use to make acrylic paints come in many varieties. There are some that are thick, thin, sticky, watery, jelly-like, or any combination in between.
Acrylics are also great because they wash up with water. They can also be thinned with water if you need to make slight adjustments in consistency. However, it is not recommended, that you use water exclusively to thin your acrylic. The reason for that is… that when you add too much water to your paint, you essentially breakdown the bond between the pigment and binder. Thereby, washing the binder off. The name for this problem is “sliming”. What happens is that the pigment will pool to the outside edge of your brush strokes and leave a blank space in the middle. The best thing to do when thinning your acrylics is to use a medium!
Acrylic mediums are the thing to use because they will prevent “sliming”, maintain the paint’s durability, and provide a consistent finish when the paint dries because they are made from the very same acrylic polymers that are in the paints. Acrylic mediums also allow acrylics to be used on more unconventional surfaces like fabric, or in airbrushes.

I FOUND THIS ARTICLE AT http://www.cheapjoes.com/
and I am pssing this on to You

A reply To Kiss Me! Truly the Smerk on the red lips
show the plants Kisws Off attitude. Yes Anger!!~

Monday, January 23, 2006


' Kiss off ' saaid the plant

color changes the Mood

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Sunday, January 22, 2006


My soul is locked in a tree. You will all join me.
The blsck denotes fear The whirles show confusion the hint of body indicates the soal

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Seeing Something different

Transfering the mind to the art,is the objective of the artist. This is the ghost of Mother.
Color Me Red,and green old plant create contrast

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Thursday, January 19, 2006



Another view by fliping .
A political statemnt. The hand of the liberator, the dictator and occupior.
Or could be the hand of God!

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Have you Done this? (T)

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Startling insights usng Invert (negative emaging)

This was just a red crayon scribble!
I see an emage after megative imaging.
Try a scribble.
scan it and invert it with a picture editor.
I use this method
to see lines
on a partial scan of my paintings,
that are abstract

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Surrealism? Surrealism?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Look at it twice/What do you see?

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Greeting Card

Below you see two greeting cards that I have made,
The image was made with two rubber stamps. One was a lighthouse the other a sail boat. An ink pen can be used to fill gaps or drtail. Folded in the center a greeting can be pended inside.
What is shown is two views, one negative and one positive. One is done on black paper with white ink the other with yellow paper and black ink.

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Negative view

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Sunday, January 15, 2006


Black and white

Positive and negative perspective

As an artist I see this biosphere in many dimensions.

I usually use a picture editor to gibe another view of my art

One of these functions is called INVERT. Most editors have this picture command.

All views of my paintings are recorded using a digital camera or scanner. This depends on the size of the art work.

Ths also allows one to change size and print a copy.
You can then see any special effects of the picture editor.

Being almost totally blind I eee bits of a painting this way. The puzzle pieces are assembled in my mind, uusing the computer as a tool to see.

The painting was make in three sizes.
One was made in oil with many bright colors,
another was a sketch in pencil. and still amother as a grafhc printout as illustrated in the blog..
The painting object is Surorealistic.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006


I wrote this many years ago!

I found this short stoty on my computer.
I wrote It when living alone,
on Californoa and arxher Av. in Chicago

I first moved into my apartment a few months ago. Upon sitting on my porch and feeling the warm breeze I fell lightly to sleep.
A Sudden flash of black in the shadows awoke me. Did I imagine it? I did not see it again that day. A few days later I spotted the reflection of some thing in the glass of the kitchen door. What was that? I looked and saw nothing. There I go again seeing things.
More and more I saw the movement in the courtyard and started to hear things as well! I now heard tiny crashes, swishes and the pitter pats of little feet.
One day while opening a can of tuna fish for lunch, I heard a noise by the window.
Here he was looking at me. Exposing himself for just a minute, The smell too inviting. Then he was gone in retreat.
Now I knew! That Big Black cat was stalking me! We have not become friends yet. So we watch each other intently. One day we will learn how to trust each other.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Communism in Schools

Are public schools similar to the schools of the former Soviet Union?
Read more ....

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Monday, January 09, 2006




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Go Ahead Make My Day

Clint Eastwood

Working for corporations can be challenging these days.

Read more ....

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Friday, January 06, 2006


Our Rights

Individual rights are getting to be like the Marlboro man, slowly riding off into the sunset.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Big Brother's Traffic Cameras

Traffic Light

Click on picture to see how local governments use safety as an excuse to levy ureasonable fines.

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