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Time fliesAnother Birthday, I have seen a lot in 200 years


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Cub Scout Demo

Cub Scout Demo
The last post Was a abbreviated version. Now I will expand on the Decussion.


Update; Where, and what

Update; Where, and what

What have done lately?
Update; Where, and what

What have done lately?

A Cud Scour Leader, asked me to give an Inspirational Art Demonstration.

Title; Me, You and Art
Outcry firs thought was about my audience. The Sc] were Cub Scouts 5 to 10 years old!
The last I was a Scout was when we used a 1938 car to pull a trailer full of tents. We used axes knives to leave our on the trees. We also chopped at our boots. I also ember the snipe hunt. We also would get lost in a swamp. This was good trading for the for the Army!

I Have 21 paintings on my apt. walls. I pick 5 to show andt tell.

Now I am at the Cub Scout meeting. I am to follow a man in a funny hat... He giving out prizes for the most popcorn sold. How can top this? They are hyped up!
I do like popcorn. It gets caught in my teeth!

I lucked around. There were many dads and the whole troop waiting
To be inspired by me. They all seemed to be yawing and expressing homesickness!

I introduced myself:
My name is LLOYD BRADBURY,But call ne Mr. B. Adding you as scouts van calls me that! Puling my 200 poum\nd 6 foot 4 inch frame out at them. I then sxpressed that I had been a scout,soulder,Colledge prof and Artist.
My loud voic awoke their brain..

What is ArT I asked?
. I hured before any one could answer!
Art is self expression.It is you and me telling a story.Art is the best you can do to express yourself. Yot etot cam be told bt nusic,pictures,wordsand othersctions.
your mind. The way you express your nimdis
Ny art expression is painting. I beleave one picture is worth a thousand words.
I then grasped a painting and thrust to their face. This grabed their attention!. Then asked what you see, Scout!!

Next: The rest of the story
………. This is a very brief overview. Tthe complete dialog is funny and interesting!

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