Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Thinking about Thanksgiving – Lloyd Irving Bradbury

One of the tools to create happiness is being thankful to God. This can also reduce anger. Everyone suffers with anger and other negative feelings. It is hard for us to consider our life as a for film and of our expectations. There is an old saying that we always want but we don't always need what we want. Sometimes we have a lot of what we want but the human experience always tell us we need more and more. Satisfaction we can be like a dog chasing its tail because the more we get the more we want the left satisfaction we feel. We go round and round in a circle rather than staying put and accepting what we have. We have resources that are available to us so we can overcome our negative feelings.

We also get into situations that seem impossible to endure. Especially when we cannot control the happenings about us. Dealing with an impossible situation can lead us to physical and mental suffering.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that will be here soon. We all feel good when we have that big meal Wheelers turkey or ham or whatever. We also celebrated with our family or with friends. Many of us feel like we suffer if we don't celebrate this holiday. Others just read this regard is as something that just the harvest holiday and has no meaning at all. I for one don't feel happy celebrating this holiday. This holiday I always looked to her and this holiday Ford makes me feel better. Before the meal of Thanksgiving I usually praise God for all the great food that he has provided us. Also for the family that is gathered together to celebrate this meal. I also have been to Thanksgiving parties where the people choose to be angry. The people present bring up old wounds and hearts and aggravation and they have pleasure in destroying this mood of pleasure. I think they'll we would all feel better if the holiday was brought celebrated with Thanksgiving for all the pleasures and happiness that have received in the past.

Okay, you all know this is an experience that a lot of us have encountered. Then how does it apply to our every day life? Why can't we be happier every day? Can our happiness be increased with this tool of Thanksgiving? Certainly we can try to use this idea of Thanksgiving as an expression of all the positive feelings that we have received and achieved. How does God enter into this? Well we must consider that all the positive things that happy happen to us are not just by our doing. They are combination of all the factors that appear in our life. Yes all of us have had good and bad days but would have to suffer. But remembering the goodness and rejecting the badness can give us the balance we need to go on with the positive spirit.

As the human I know I am frail and sometimes my power of spirit is not very strong. Even when I'm with family I need more power to overcome negative occurrences. Where do I get a power to overcome the negatives of my life. How can I feel not alone in battling the darkness of my spirit. Having faith and believing God allows me to know that I have someone on my side in the pursuit of goodness.

When I was taught how to teach a subject to a student, there were three major techniques to remember. They were vividness, Association and repetition. To achieve true Thanksgiving we must practice. This practice can start off slow. And built up so we can achieve satisfaction of self.

Vividness is how clearly in our mind we see our thankfulness for what we have received. We associate the gifts that we received with the people who we've shared them with. And repetition is how many times we ask for we say that we're thankful for what we received. It is convenient that we set in prayer. These words set in forgiveness and a prayer for help us to organize our mind and their bar give us the power of this thankfulness. Each day we can repeat this prayer adding to it from the smallness of our Thanksgiving to the greater part of what we have received. We are then surprised how much goodness as in her life and how much we have to be thankful for.

By realizing how much we have to be thankful for we can fortify our beliefs of faith, hope and charity.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Please don't chase the Angels away

I see the Angels play

please don't chase them away

for I want them to stay

they show happiness this way

please don't chase them away

happiness is shone so bright

let them not to flight

please don't chase them away

I want to see them all day

please don't chase them away

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Big fat snail Dog

In acquiring a new computer and loading the latest operating system I have created some difficulties for myself. One difficulty I have had is creating a new e-mail. The other problem I've had is getting used to the new blogspot dashboard. When I had my old blog I could enter in many pictures without difficulty. These pictures were of my paintings and sketches. Being blind it was difficult enough with the old dashboard. I had memorized all the buttons and where they were. But now again they have rearranged the dashboard and it's a little more difficult for me to enter in my heart works. I've also come to some other difficulties in that I've had to reload all my old paintings and pictures from one computer to the other. I have done this by entering them into a thumb drive or directly to my seat drive on my new computer. To all those that may have to switch data from one computer to another you can make a femme fatal mistake here. In one way it's not so fatal since it is all there the data and the pictures, but being one that never use subdirectories I have all this information scattered about. So I have to search for every picture that I've ever made by their titles. This can be a problem since I can remember the titles are the years that I painted. I have painted over 500 paintings of all stored in my computer as pictures or JPEG's and also articles and stories about them scattered about the computer. Also I have taken a college course at the Hadley school for the blind, also other articles I've written since I have been out of the rehabilitation center at the VA hospital. I have loaded Zoom text and Dragon speak programs so that my eyesight very limited and my hands crippled can utilize the computer. This utilization is quite different., Since the programs himself a rather cumbersome and have some and extrinsic behavior that makes file search a little problem. But I will overcome all these difficulties all it takes is time. But fans and casual observers please have patience with this character. I now have many many more paintings pictures and sketches to enter in to my blog. As you see my blog is kind of a journal at least he used a big. Now I can only answer the information and pictures on a daily basis I'd be happy. The limitation here is that there's so much to catch up on that I've already done on the computer but not have entered in the block. But be patient I will overcome these problems. Now you'll get a note from my new companion it is a Dragon that dwells within my computer. Everyone so I'll will get a note from him since he is also dwells here.

This is a Dragon speak and; quote I feel sorry for is trying to do his best but every once in a while you will see common for me that may be somewhat derogatory of his particular skills. He can only overcome these difficulties by finding me a big fat green polkadotted slimy frog for me to eat otherwise he will be in or defeat. I really fix them on the Internet the other day he closed his message by saying something nice but I substitute the words big fat snail blog to a person of interest. She was offended I wonder why?

Friday, October 12, 2012


Water by Lloyd)

A list for water elements of poetry chapter 3 exercise one

water is nature's daughter, life without is not worth a quarter

wars would be fought, life shown without quarter

Europe rose to power with seapower,

first was fought for gold and silver and oil than water

this list is for the first line of the poem introducing watchers why is it simply fought over

List from a book on water.

This is about mother nature's daughter, who is called Sweetwater.

She can treat you to a windy cold chill provide you with a steamy hot thrill..

she can also be very still in deep.. She sent the

Titanic ship to death sleep

she is a mother of us as well because in our body she does dwell.

In our body her blood does flow until it is time for us to go.

We abuse her and do not realize her beauty, and we will lose her.

Civiliz is ations never calculated her cost until they were lost.


Lloyd Irving Bradbury – Poetry

Hello, Lloyd:

thank you for assignment Five. Your grade is A.

The poem addressed to the dragon is good and true. There is a dragon in computers that we must overcome! I think you can improve one line that says, youngou saying a different song.

Correction: You sing a different song.

The conversation with the dead man is powerful with emotional suggestions. Was it a murder? You say: He was a good man.

Who is heree?

I have your other assignments and will grade them as soon as I can. Next week, I have to attend a meeting with the Hadley School members and many instructors will be there. Thank you for your patience.

Jerrie Lawhorn

>----- Original Message -----

>From: "Lloyd Bradbury"
>To: "Geraldine Lawhorn"
>2012 10:45:31 -0500

>Subject: elements of poetry chapter 5 unit two exercise

>Lloyd Bradbury

>7815 W. 39th St., Lyons, IL 60534

> Kelly - one - 708 - 447-2041

>attention Geraldine L.

>Elements of poetry unit two poetry strategy

>Chapter 5 is addressing A specific audience

> dear Dragon, why do you speak

>note, this is a'' type of poetry

>apostrophy poem

> I wake you up so you can hear me speak

> You I do not Fear

> to understand I must be clear

> you do not breath fire

> or does your heart desire

> do you cry and have tears

> or do you have no fears

> because you have no dears

> when I speak wrong

> you saying a different song

> some would say you are a freak

> because of your computer speak

> where do you dwell

> certainly not in a water well

> or a creature from a fiery hell

> I know you're in the computer deep

> a speech program when called to sleep

> this is a poem written on July 6, 2012,

copyrighted by

>Lloyd Irving Bradbury

>A conversation with the dead

> I am sorry you are dead.

>I do not forgive you.

> He was a good man

>you did not know me.

> We will miss him.

>I don't think so.

> He loved us all

>I hated you

> he change the world

>the world changed me.

> He had great faith in God

>I am going to hell.

> I knew him

>You are me.

> By Lloyd Irving Bradbury the magnificent


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Duality – a diversion created by a dream Lloyd Irving Bradbury

Microsoft Word Idea for a book or blog it came in a dream
just before waking up this morning and idea came to me. And idea born in a dream. For 20 years I taught chemistry, physics, and all levels of electrical engineering. I talked to eBay on my e-mail. Her husband is an electrical engineer. But thought triggered a recess in my mind. All of a sudden I was dreaming I was reteaching all my classes in electrical engineering. I was improving them and making them easier to understand. I was also regretting that I had not included a lot of insight that I had gained through the years. And just then it dawned on me that these improvements of these classes would be lost when I pass. So I must record some of these classes that dwell in my mind. Maybe by some chance someone will stumble on to my improved classes and gain a greater understanding of the combined works of study, teaching and experiences but now have been absorbed by this mind. Then I realize that I had lived through many generations of electrical engineering. I have talked communication series using tubes and crystals. I had also built many radios standard broadcast and short wave. Also I had built transistor devices in the control of AC voltage and current. My latter studies were in monolithic integrated circuits those little black boxes that contained hundreds of FETs. So my technology experience was multilayered with respect to time. If I could just record this information and link it all together one could get a greater insight in what has evolved with our electronic technology. I know now that the new tactile technology will probably be proton type. But one must remember that all this theory of computers radios and other devices can be related in dual objectives. Einstein wanted to make or find a link between everything. In physics there is some link which between each areas of expertise. Hydraulics, mechanics and and other physical devices both electrical and mechanical are related. There is a duality to it all, one can explain one in relation to the other. All energy flows the same way just that the wording used in explaining it is different. Now that the altar speed computer is being used information is easy her to get done ages ago. One must realize so that the computer only links things together if you piece them together in your own way clear own application.
So you see the way I am thinking. I want to relate what I have learned and piece it all together from one age of energy usage to another. Just as electricity can be explained with water flow and mechanics can be explained with molecular construction we realize that all has a duality with each other. This is now led to the scientist and technician constructing models using one physical or physics concept to explain another. By constructing models and entering into the computer much research can be done and quickly. In any medium of science. At first this was amazing to me but then I realized that all my learning could be related to this blackbox idolization. Every science or actually disciplined can be constructed into a model. I realize now that even the business model, the bio science model and even such simple things as the weather can be constructed into a model entered into the computer and solved for parameters that you want. So why do you need a background of science and technology to achieve the proper model of business or bio research or even understanding of complex devices. My reasoning and logic is that a better understanding of the logic blocks that display the model that is entered into the computer is only as correct as the parameters you feed it. There is an old saying with computers if you put junk in your get junk out. So the better understanding of your model creates better results and your understanding your investigation.
Logic tells us, that the basic blocks of any model must be understood. So why not start with physical devices that can be explained in different physical concepts. One could relate to energy flow as the flow of water, blood and their just to name a few into related conveyors of energy flow. Of course each related concept of the slow will have simple differences but they will also have very common actions in physics. Therefore mathematically they can be expressed into relationship wise. One would say you don't have to build a model in using the computer because the computer makes a theoretical model within itself and displays it any output devices that you have hooked what and your input devices input the very physical parameters that you want to reproduce. The concept that I want to express is that there is still a physical model to construct. The physical model can be used as a proof. Just like in mathematics there are proofs of theorems. There must be proofs that the computer has the right answer. Even if they conflict it will you give you greater insight into the physical and the cyber world model.
As a biological model existing within a limited dimensional world I can thereby enter relate to the answers I get from other dimensions. These other dimensions I know exist and also they themselves must thereby enter relate with this but we dwell in. Even expressing tool models will be something that would use in the future to investigate other dimensions. Also there will be many models that will link body mind and soul in the future.
I am now finding that my experience in the area of psychology, science and the supernatural also seem to have dualities. Someday with greater knowledge we will understand each one of these areas a little bit more. I know that man will never know everything just like Einstein wanted a theory of evidence everything this seems to be an impossible objective. I think Mandel must strive to do the impossible. By so doing he entertains his existence.
I realize that there are many such articles and books that are related to the duality of the natural and unnatural world but all I want to relate is my observations in perspective to my life and my knowledge so that maybe even a few insights that someone does not realize may be explored by the person reading this article or book. Lloyd Brett.
devoted to the duality of all. They sort of outline that will lead as building blocks to the conclusion of logical approach and searching for the explanation of the direction of our world.
1.0 where to start? The three beginning concepts of physics to create a duality.
2.0 parameters of the building blocks used in any duality.
3.0 input and outputs of any duality
4.0 observation of a duality
5.0 into relationships of duality that can be exchanged to create interrelated parameters.
6.0 how does history relate to the evolution of blackbox theory with construction of the physical and then the computer model

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