Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Thinking about Thanksgiving – Lloyd Irving Bradbury

One of the tools to create happiness is being thankful to God. This can also reduce anger. Everyone suffers with anger and other negative feelings. It is hard for us to consider our life as a for film and of our expectations. There is an old saying that we always want but we don't always need what we want. Sometimes we have a lot of what we want but the human experience always tell us we need more and more. Satisfaction we can be like a dog chasing its tail because the more we get the more we want the left satisfaction we feel. We go round and round in a circle rather than staying put and accepting what we have. We have resources that are available to us so we can overcome our negative feelings.

We also get into situations that seem impossible to endure. Especially when we cannot control the happenings about us. Dealing with an impossible situation can lead us to physical and mental suffering.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that will be here soon. We all feel good when we have that big meal Wheelers turkey or ham or whatever. We also celebrated with our family or with friends. Many of us feel like we suffer if we don't celebrate this holiday. Others just read this regard is as something that just the harvest holiday and has no meaning at all. I for one don't feel happy celebrating this holiday. This holiday I always looked to her and this holiday Ford makes me feel better. Before the meal of Thanksgiving I usually praise God for all the great food that he has provided us. Also for the family that is gathered together to celebrate this meal. I also have been to Thanksgiving parties where the people choose to be angry. The people present bring up old wounds and hearts and aggravation and they have pleasure in destroying this mood of pleasure. I think they'll we would all feel better if the holiday was brought celebrated with Thanksgiving for all the pleasures and happiness that have received in the past.

Okay, you all know this is an experience that a lot of us have encountered. Then how does it apply to our every day life? Why can't we be happier every day? Can our happiness be increased with this tool of Thanksgiving? Certainly we can try to use this idea of Thanksgiving as an expression of all the positive feelings that we have received and achieved. How does God enter into this? Well we must consider that all the positive things that happy happen to us are not just by our doing. They are combination of all the factors that appear in our life. Yes all of us have had good and bad days but would have to suffer. But remembering the goodness and rejecting the badness can give us the balance we need to go on with the positive spirit.

As the human I know I am frail and sometimes my power of spirit is not very strong. Even when I'm with family I need more power to overcome negative occurrences. Where do I get a power to overcome the negatives of my life. How can I feel not alone in battling the darkness of my spirit. Having faith and believing God allows me to know that I have someone on my side in the pursuit of goodness.

When I was taught how to teach a subject to a student, there were three major techniques to remember. They were vividness, Association and repetition. To achieve true Thanksgiving we must practice. This practice can start off slow. And built up so we can achieve satisfaction of self.

Vividness is how clearly in our mind we see our thankfulness for what we have received. We associate the gifts that we received with the people who we've shared them with. And repetition is how many times we ask for we say that we're thankful for what we received. It is convenient that we set in prayer. These words set in forgiveness and a prayer for help us to organize our mind and their bar give us the power of this thankfulness. Each day we can repeat this prayer adding to it from the smallness of our Thanksgiving to the greater part of what we have received. We are then surprised how much goodness as in her life and how much we have to be thankful for.

By realizing how much we have to be thankful for we can fortify our beliefs of faith, hope and charity.

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