Saturday, May 31, 2014


Lloyd Bradbury's apology for a free-form poem that was not free of mistakes

An apology; in uploading this last set of poetry. There are so many mistakes that one would think it's freeform. When I uploaded the poetry. I did not realize that it had been sitting on my desktop for a while and therefore errors had been absorbed by Dragon speak and or trade as part of the the poetry. But I will correct it as soon as possible as soon as I get some sleep and some alcoholic beverages. So I can be drunk when I do it. Because I certainly was drunk when I posted this it seems that way. Although I have not had a drink and 30 years it sure look like that I had gone the Binger or should I say binge. So to all my poetry fans God bless you. Dragon and my new owl pet are really admonish me for my sloppy presentation. But I will overcome. Lloyd Irving Bradbury the poetry wizard of the backwoods


Alien ghost(that finite meets the infinite(by Lloyd Bradbury

Elements of poetry chapter 8 exercise to Lloyd Bradbury seven 815, W. 39th St., Lyons, IL 60534 telephone number 708-447-2041 instructor, Vicki. The poem – the alien the ghost. are representing. Two types of philosophies. One is a supernatural and the other is science fiction. They collide in the painting. They communicate and settle their differences. Each is described as a separate entity. It is meant to be a poetry or poem of the abstract and also of the supernatural, fantasy and surrealistic concept of to worlds and their ideas conflicting with each other. The painter positive his abstract painting and noticed that the images that came forth seem to have a mind of their own. Upon his canvas. When they started to talk to each other. He fled upon which he covered the painting. N ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Crosstalk he was launched in deep space,. To find another of his race He was locked in the bubble, so as to have no trouble she was in a different plane. No one was there to complain She was not looking for trouble, especially from a bubble she was in a different place. Also she was a different race. She was locked in a different plane, no trouble to complain. They both felt all alone. They both felt like a stone. These beings wanted to reach out. Beyond there regions clout. Then a window became quite clear. They both became quite near. They searched for a great mind. One with brightness they would find. They met on a flat plane. Both encased in a picture frame. L like strong links of a chain, made their minds to remain. Happiness was hard to restrain. They cried out a wreath frame. Love made a flowery bloom. Now both in a picture room. Painted colors were all about them. Like flowers on a stem. They would not mind an alien and a ghost. Painted on a picture host. Then the artist was painting. There. At the picture. He did stare. Once upon a time a painting communicated with alien and ghost. Were present as a painting host. The painter fled in fear. Thinking craziness was near. Especially when he heard them talk. He left quickly and a speed walk. The alien spoke first quote I am in space. In a round bed of bubbles, fearing note troubles. A ghost replied I am here flying through a cloud are you just speaking out loud? Then both realized that across the dimensions they had spoke. Then came the aliens reply, quote are you a ghost that did die? The ghost and said, quote I may be dead but I'm not in a crazy bubble bed. Wake up. Then the alien angrily said, quote where you to tell me where to bed. Also had to laugh.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hooty, a new member of the Lloyd Bradbury family

Hellooooo I am a new member of Lloyd's family. Lloyd decided that my name should be Hootie. Well. He was at the thrift store the other day, he saw me. It was love at first sight. Especially since I had a price tag on may of only $.99. One of his friends commented the out should be called Hootie after the Hooters that are displayed at his favorite lunch place. I thought cooties would be better for a name. So I told Lloyd that would be my name. I am and how had puppe Hootie, who you looking at, Dragon. My name is Dragon. I will call you cookies, ha ha ha ha.

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