Wednesday, September 24, 2008


"Objects rendered by Matisse -- whether it is a tablecloth, a vase, or, in exactly the same way, a human face -- are dematerialised, transformed into coloured silhouettes, distillations of colour that spill in ornamental streaks and splashes over the canvas. Not things but the essence of things..."-- Moscow art critic Jacob Tungendhold (see my blog Painting the Essence of Things)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Ying & Yang

Sometimes art patrons become confused when they see creations facilitated by drawing programs on the computer. Is this real art or merely computer generated graphics easily composed with a digital paintbrush? Ah, if it were only so simple! Rad and see the rest Of Mary'sostory and great art work by clicking here


These are mine!

Mary Jansen has left a new comment on your post "Ying & Yang": I would like to see these displayed side by side to get more the feeling of opposites. I like the "yang" best, (the dark flower with blue spots). It reminds me of a minty cool walk down a creek bed on a hot summer afternoon!
SandyCarlson has left a new comment on your post "Ying & Yang": I like what Mary says about the cool walkl on a creek bed. It does feel like that.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Dog Art

click here to see an animal artist

SandyCarlson has left a new comment on your post "Dog Art": She is very talented, Lloyd. Thanks for the link.

Mary Jansen has left a new comment on your post "Dog Art": Great work. There is a lot of personality captured in those doggy eyes!

Sunday, September 14, 2008



Forever Art
Thursday, September 4, 2008

"It is not that I belong to the past, but the past that belongs to me." -Mary Antin


Ebb Tide said...
Thanks for posting my invitation to my art show. Wouldn't it be nice if it's not inverted? Two more weeks and it will be here. I am tired of too many preparations but I know it's going to be great & rewarding. I never had a solo art show before and this my first one.
9:22 AM
SandyCarlson said...
Your invitation is beautiful!
1:57 PM
Ebb Tide said...
I am visiting for the 2nd time. I think the invitation is okay upside down. I am getting tense preparing for this big day.
9:50 AM
Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...
I feel a little tired today. we went to Portage Wis. to see my Children. As we left home the Desplains River was lapping at our door. Our street was flooded abd we splached out of the closed road. on our way we got lost and stood in traffic. Instead od a three hour drive it took us 4 hour In Wis we got lost due to a bridge outage.We were in time for one childs school class. Next day we spent 4 hours sbnopping for school cloths My camera broke so no pictures. We got lost coming home again and it took five hours this time. I tryed t mail your DVD but just got to the P> O today we saw a poateds paper on our doo r that our apartments are to be sold. I now developed a bvladder infection and go tomorrow for tests. A lady called to day to pick up donatesd painting and also read your comment that i inverted you invit to your art show!I AM GOIMG TO TAKE A NAP NOW AND START OVER WHEN i AWAKE!
1:46 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008



Another beautful garden!!! This one reminds me of summer. I think it's the colors you used....those found in a watermelon!.... Mary Jane

Friday, September 12, 2008


Monday, September 08, 2008


SandyCarlson has left a new comment on your post " ":
I like this image very much, Lloyd. The images share the same shape and are at peace.
Sandy, Do you see the creature and the sword in the right quadurent. Not so peaceful now since our hero must fight his way to his love!But then again you mind is wholesome and of good spirit you may not see them! >>> LLOYD


The Deep

Almost......WITH THE CREATURES OF THE DEEPthere is no place to sleepall the of them have they swarm about.I wonder what they seeIn the deep purple seaCan it very well be,that all of themlook at me?

there is no place to sleep
All of them have clout
Ac they swarm about
I wonder what they see
the deep purple sea
Can it very well be
that all of them look at me?

Thursday, September 04, 2008




Synesthesia is an involuntary joining in which the real information of one sense is accompanied by a perception in another sense. In addition to being involuntary, this additional perception is regarded by the synesthete as real, often outside the body, instead of imagined in the mind's eye. It also has some other interesting features that clearly separate it from artistic fancy or purple prose. Its reality and vividness are what make synesthesia so interesting in its violation of conventional perception. Synesthesia is also fascinating because logically it should not be a product of the human brain, where the evolutionary trend has been for increasing separation of function anatomically.

SandyCarlson has left a new comment on your post "dreaming": Lloyd, I am enjoying this literary glimpse into your creative mind. What is the total of it all? seems to me the eternal question of the artist. Posted by SandyCarlson to Lloyd's Art Info at 6:12 AM



no use back to sleep to anothr land deep
a land of deep plue with creatures flowing round.
so while the vison on the mind must paint this find.
what is the total of it all.
there is a wind blowing in my mind to stir all memorys there to find
expresions of my mind to find then the slat is cleaned another day to gleem all in a dream

Monday, September 01, 2008


I have wondered whether art imitates life and whether life imitates art. I think the answer is yes always, that life is a work of art.

Link to Susen Carlson , Tjanlyou for the insperation!

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