Saturday, June 24, 2006


class two colors and shapes

The class composition was generated by me as an ad lib explanitin of shape, perspective, shadedow,hue and color. As I explained each shape we drew it on our sketch. This created the same work for all. but one can see differences. The students were happy it evolved into a good sketch. As we followed good techniques , the result illustrated a fine result.



Student results


Mstisse Style 2,3,4 Try it you will like it Excerize

Sunday, June 18, 2006


sketches where I want to be other then this cave!


sketches for painting? I am always looking for that special one!



Saturday, June 17, 2006


I painted this while in heat in a cave in Chicago



Pastel First cass at Larary

The first class at the library
It muat be tweeked due to time restants.
The workshop was devided into three parts
The Artist for the evening was Henri Coustue.
His character and motivations.
His Art examples
The Dreame
The second part iwasa quick sketch
teniques used by this fantasy painter,
Then the third part was doing a quick sketch.
We used colored paper and charcoal to shjow the usage of shapes
They enjoyed the excersize but were a little timid in there application.
So I revied each and encourage them to sketcg,sketch, stc.
All thre sections
I stressed composition light, etc. Then I gave them a tour and exp of my art displayed around the Library, Just barely accomplished all my goals.
I went home and wife hollered at me because when she came home from work I was not home!! I was beat and went to bed .
(see pictures at previous post.)


first class examples


SOCCOR PLAYER I was making a color wheel demo and got carriea qway

Friday, June 16, 2006


Hi bloggers air c off sweat ia shorting key boart in this cave in Chicago I will go to bed and blog later.


shapes class 2

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Will George Lunt help me?

Yes last two days I have been following my wife’ agenda. It was hectic. We were in the Chicago loop doing some legal maters. My head hurts when I am involved in legalize. Of cause nothing gets settled just continued!
During this time between the will of the law I though of two painting I must paint.
My wife left for her 24 hour job! I sprung into action and painted two paintings. The last few night I awoke and choose my colors and other needs. At about 3 am and ten went back to sleep at 3Am. The Mexican food I had eaten provided the propellision and gave new explosive motivation expressed in the Paintings both are very different from each other. Both are acrylic. Both are abstract.
I will post them tomorrow. If my friend Geotge Lunt will help me!
I must also review the tape I made for my workshop using Henri Causteu. His fantasy style, color and shapes. I will tell you about the cases tomorrow.
Right now images of color and shapes are dancing in my head.
Time to dream of other sport. So goodnight.

Monday, June 12, 2006


`de Koonin

My recent sketch promped "the artist" to mention it was in the style of `de Koonin" am really amazed at this abstract impresionist of the 1950's. I did not know of her works until now.
This comment is truly an unselfish act. It has inspired me to paint this sketch. Also I have added apreciation of another fanstic artist of America.
Thanks again to the Artist.
LLOYD from a cave in Chicago

Saturday, June 10, 2006


sketches have driven me to create a new painting Not like these! Painting with matissa colors and Pacso shapes


The rest of the story


Is this surreal?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006



I have not posted
in the last few
Beause demands
of approching art
class have me

Monday, June 05, 2006

Butterfly lady
A wizard once ask a lady,
When you come again.
Would you like to be,
Horse, muffin or wren?

The lady smiled and said,
In her sweet voice.
It is very nice of you,
To give me a choice.

I would not care to be,
Any one of these creatures.
For I do not like,
Any of their features.

The wizard thought,
I will make her glad!
For I would not ever,
Plan to make her sad.

He answered to her,
How about a butterfly?
Can you guess?
The reason why.

The lady said,
I think I know.
It is beautiful to see,
And it is also quite free,

They both agreed,
It should be done.
Was this a story?
All jest and fun? IRVING Tuesday, Jul


butterfly Lady

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Poem for pix @Back of Yards Libarary ,47st & Damen,Chicago

The Flyer

The flyer all about he scans
Seeing over many lands
He sees rivers waters flow
Beginning and end they go
Lust for freedom is a must
Himself only he can trust
Not a furry lovable bear
No one can stroke his hair
Nor does he even care
How other creatures fare
The seasons are his time
Only weather he does mind
Driven to mate and eat
He never sees death as defeat
So the story is to tell
Nature made the bird quite well
Lloyd Bradbury


What is your style ?

I have sketch books full of art ideas.
Most would be hard for me to recreate. They look good as a sketch.
As you know, the artist is fickle.
What looks good one day is a horror the next. Even when I paint I start with one idea and the result looks like I was haunted.! My brain must be receiving alien thoughts from Mars or if I look at a lady Venice.
I am often asked " what is you sTyle?
Do I tell them rhe truth that I don't know? Do I fake it! Should I tell them my art is abstract surealism realism with bright colors.
What I paint is me. If I thought I was in a creativve box I would paint my way out of it.


what do u think? Matissa colors? What medium?

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Art class at At back of the yards Library

also sign up NOW art class limit 15


June 15 Thur Eve at 6 PM 47st & Danan Chicago Art Class

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