Monday, June 05, 2006

Butterfly lady
A wizard once ask a lady,
When you come again.
Would you like to be,
Horse, muffin or wren?

The lady smiled and said,
In her sweet voice.
It is very nice of you,
To give me a choice.

I would not care to be,
Any one of these creatures.
For I do not like,
Any of their features.

The wizard thought,
I will make her glad!
For I would not ever,
Plan to make her sad.

He answered to her,
How about a butterfly?
Can you guess?
The reason why.

The lady said,
I think I know.
It is beautiful to see,
And it is also quite free,

They both agreed,
It should be done.
Was this a story?
All jest and fun? IRVING Tuesday, Jul

Hi there this is Ann Marie from poetic picture gallery... I did not know that you write too... that is my main thing. Anyway I really enjoyed my visit here and thanks so much for your comments. I like the exercises so much because that defines who we are. Maybe you can read my writing too if you like or have a software read it for you - here is the link - Ann Marie @ poetic justice and just to be sure I add the direct link without html so you can access it. Here -

Great work - I enjoyed the first pic very much.

Take care there

Ann Marie Simard
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