Saturday, December 26, 2009


Merry Christmas, my friend. And God bless.
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Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Black Butterfly

Really cool. I love the dots.
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Hi Lloyd! Happy to be able to drop here today. Been always on the go since moving to San Diego. I am glad you continue to paint and I guess you're well and happy which is reflected in your many paintings. Thanks for sharing. I wish you a merry and bright Christmas.
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Yeah. I see it. Your work always speaks to me. There is something visceral and ethereal about your paintings that hit me all at once and then a little at a time. I respect your talent so much. Merry Christmas.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009


A storm within


A terrible storm was raging. Nature whipped the battle field. The observer witnessed the war for a long time.

All the warriors had weapons of mass destruction. They were all bent on winning. No quarter was given. No one was to escape. Men, women and children fought. All would Die.
Each side believed they would win. None thought it would last forever.
There were two sides in this battle. both thought they were right. Each had a sperit to guide them.
In battle they killed each other'. When done, they depart the battle. They were at peace.

The observer looked closely at the warriors Each fighter mirrored each other. Both of them looked alike.

I awoke from my dream I suddenly knew, the battle was mine. . My dark side and the bright side of us alway at r. We battle all our negative faults and ideas.. so to be a hero I must fight self to the end.
Oh, if we would only heed the observer.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Single Impression: Cobwebs
"There and there.Be careful.Cobwebs."That is the conversationIn the woodsWhen it is warm.We are not worriedAbout the spidersBut the artThe symmetryThe balanceThe beauty of theCompletenessOf the webAnd the thin linesThat keep this delicateUniverseIntact.It is not ours to take.Humbly,We bow our headsAnd make our wayAroundThe webs.The completenessOf the thingIs part of our day.We want it.
One Single Impression


My sister or brother or mother or father or second-cousin-twice-removed also paints and their things are very beautiful. (No-one wants to be compared

My sister or brother or mother or father or second-cousin-twice-removed also paints and their things are very beautiful. (No-one wants to be compared to a stranger.)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Dino Chicken
A new story, one where we're talking about animals and the genome. I hear this all the time now, on the radio is how we can manipulate our dna to make other things. This is all well and good, but sometimes I think it's a little crazy. Here's one of those instances where we have a scientist who seems to have nothing to do. He came along and he looked at the chicken. Well the chicken is quite a little creature. The chicken is kind of related to the dinosaur. And at least , most people – most scientists, think that that's so. Most people say that it's just a bird. Well, that's true.
Now they say that all birds are related to the dinosaur. So this little story – or reference – is about one such scientist. Maybe we should look it up, but, I think not...
So what this scientist did was to find a genome that he could manipulate and the chicken grew a long tail. Well, I kind of don't understand why he did this, unless we're going to have a new delicacy, like instead of lobster tail, we will have chicken tail. I don't know how that would taste, since chicken is related to the dinosaur???
so, as we went on and I listened to the radio, he came across that for the chicken he could give it in the place of wings, he gave it claws; and in the place of a beak, he gave it teeth. Now, I don't know what the purpose of this is unless, in the long run, he wants little raptors, running around all over the place and giving us a rough time. Instead of eating them, they will eat us. So my conclusion is sometimes if you're not careful, in your experiments or your technology, that it may come back to bite us in the ass.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Just Running Fox

The Running Fox
One of the things I heard on the radio, you know, that's that old fashioned box that now we seem to be returning to because the tv tells us nothing and doesn't give us music anymore. We have to go to our ipods or something like that. But now I like radio because I have an old cooler with a radio inside of it, kind of an antique. It takes batteries, flash light batteries, but it's still transistorized and it lasts a long time. So I can leave it on and I don't have a cord. I don't have to worry about batteries and I can listen to the radio. Well, the radio has an advantage because what you can hear is little tidbits of information especially on public radio, where they have to use this information as fill. Well, enough about radio, let's get down to Running Fox. Well, I'm going to change my name now. My nickname will be called “Running Fox”. I will tell you why as this story progresses.
Here's a tidbit that I heard on the radio. One of our illustrious scientists found out that as he experimented with the genome that one of the genes that is in us is related to our speech comes from the fox. The fox has the same gene as we do for speech or a part of speech. Our speech is more complex and we have more genes but you can see where I'm going. Well, if we have the fox's gene for speech maybe the Indians had a point of view that we all are related to animals in one form or another in our expertise – or what we were designed for on this earth. So I came upon this conclusion that I am designed to talk. Everybody around me will tell you that I speak and speak and speak and drive them nuts. Well, I'm going to give them a warning now, I'm going to be called Running Fox. Now if they don't get the idea of what Running Fox is, I'm sorry. I'll have to relegate them to the scientists that studied this genome. And if they come back and say I don't get it, well, I'll just have to tell them that Running Fox means “Blabber-mouth”. Or, if they don't get that, I'll tell them that I have a case of oral diarrhea.

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