Thursday, December 17, 2009


A storm within


A terrible storm was raging. Nature whipped the battle field. The observer witnessed the war for a long time.

All the warriors had weapons of mass destruction. They were all bent on winning. No quarter was given. No one was to escape. Men, women and children fought. All would Die.
Each side believed they would win. None thought it would last forever.
There were two sides in this battle. both thought they were right. Each had a sperit to guide them.
In battle they killed each other'. When done, they depart the battle. They were at peace.

The observer looked closely at the warriors Each fighter mirrored each other. Both of them looked alike.

I awoke from my dream I suddenly knew, the battle was mine. . My dark side and the bright side of us alway at r. We battle all our negative faults and ideas.. so to be a hero I must fight self to the end.
Oh, if we would only heed the observer.
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Oh, if we would only heed the observer.
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