Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Lloyd Irving Bradbury – suggestions for a snake farm – marry Lloyd

Snake farm an opportunity – by Lloyd Irving Bradbury June 2014. My wife saw a snake on our little veranda type porch. We live on the first floor and apartment across from the forest preserve. On the porch. I put a little flowers and some containers of grass like structure. I usually store some on use potting soil and a few pots in the very corner of the friend the type small porch. There is enough space on the porch for to small chairs and a couple of flowers. In front of the porch are some flowering bushes only about 2 feet high that had just recently been planted there. The porch is made of concrete slab with an iron railing. The plastic chairs were bought for a few bucks. I have a small plastic table about 1' x 1' next to my chair so I can put a refreshment there. So it is June and the porch plans are out there. I put the houseplants very carefully out there. Or should I say my wife get it. I usually go for fun a tomato plant or a pepper plant in a very corner of the little porch. He usually thrives in gives one or two tomatoes. It is a great thrill for me to see them or should I say not see them. Since I am blind. But I feel that I am in the garden with all these plants surrounding me. Well, let's start the story. Maria saw a snake on the porch. She usually smokes on the porch instead of the house. I have been asking her to quit for health sake but she has other answers for me. So she went out to smoke with the snake on the porch. We love the shrieks and hollering. She took a broom and swept the big snake into the bushes. In her country. There are. This snake was a tiny little thing probably a gardener snake. It did not have a triangle or had dark awful body which indicates that it would be pointless. I don't think there's any snakes in the Chicago area. If there are there are very few. Snakes are also a rarity even around the forest preserves. So I consoled her and told her that we have an owl on the side the house. Maybe this how was trying to eat the snake and dropped it on the porch. I know it sounds like a con job and it was to alleviate her fears. So she calmed down. Next day it was another story. Since it was June she decided to clean up all the old pots I had a little bag of soil I had tucked into the tiny corner of the veranda behind the chair. With a broom. She started sweeping and uncovered the plastic I have put over the pots. She picked up one of the pots to clean it and there was a snake in it. With many screeches and hollers, she retreated to inside the house. I told her that maybe I'll had tried E2 snakes. But that did not go over very well. So she went out again with a broom as a weapon. She switched off the other snake into the bushes off the veranda. Then she started getting the the pots well. There was a nest of snakes in the other parts maybe about six. Half a dozen spiders a couple of other bugs that I don't even know what they are and she was shrieking and hollering and beating them all and train them off the porch. She did not want to kill them because she said she would be cursed, if she killed a snake. So I'll today. She is blaming me for raising stakes on the porch. She said I brought the snake and did this on purpose. That I must love snakes. But I told her. Even Adam and Eve didn't kill the snake that was in their garden. But she said I cannot experiment with my little vegetables anymore and the only thing she would allow on the porch is flowers that are of the non-snake type. I asked her what that meant. She said only I better not raise snakes on the porch.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Lloyd Bradbury's apology for a free-form poem that was not free of mistakes

An apology; in uploading this last set of poetry. There are so many mistakes that one would think it's freeform. When I uploaded the poetry. I did not realize that it had been sitting on my desktop for a while and therefore errors had been absorbed by Dragon speak and or trade as part of the the poetry. But I will correct it as soon as possible as soon as I get some sleep and some alcoholic beverages. So I can be drunk when I do it. Because I certainly was drunk when I posted this it seems that way. Although I have not had a drink and 30 years it sure look like that I had gone the Binger or should I say binge. So to all my poetry fans God bless you. Dragon and my new owl pet are really admonish me for my sloppy presentation. But I will overcome. Lloyd Irving Bradbury the poetry wizard of the backwoods


Alien ghost(that finite meets the infinite(by Lloyd Bradbury

Elements of poetry chapter 8 exercise to Lloyd Bradbury seven 815, W. 39th St., Lyons, IL 60534 telephone number 708-447-2041 instructor, Vicki. The poem – the alien the ghost. are representing. Two types of philosophies. One is a supernatural and the other is science fiction. They collide in the painting. They communicate and settle their differences. Each is described as a separate entity. It is meant to be a poetry or poem of the abstract and also of the supernatural, fantasy and surrealistic concept of to worlds and their ideas conflicting with each other. The painter positive his abstract painting and noticed that the images that came forth seem to have a mind of their own. Upon his canvas. When they started to talk to each other. He fled upon which he covered the painting. N ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Crosstalk he was launched in deep space,. To find another of his race He was locked in the bubble, so as to have no trouble she was in a different plane. No one was there to complain She was not looking for trouble, especially from a bubble she was in a different place. Also she was a different race. She was locked in a different plane, no trouble to complain. They both felt all alone. They both felt like a stone. These beings wanted to reach out. Beyond there regions clout. Then a window became quite clear. They both became quite near. They searched for a great mind. One with brightness they would find. They met on a flat plane. Both encased in a picture frame. L like strong links of a chain, made their minds to remain. Happiness was hard to restrain. They cried out a wreath frame. Love made a flowery bloom. Now both in a picture room. Painted colors were all about them. Like flowers on a stem. They would not mind an alien and a ghost. Painted on a picture host. Then the artist was painting. There. At the picture. He did stare. Once upon a time a painting communicated with alien and ghost. Were present as a painting host. The painter fled in fear. Thinking craziness was near. Especially when he heard them talk. He left quickly and a speed walk. The alien spoke first quote I am in space. In a round bed of bubbles, fearing note troubles. A ghost replied I am here flying through a cloud are you just speaking out loud? Then both realized that across the dimensions they had spoke. Then came the aliens reply, quote are you a ghost that did die? The ghost and said, quote I may be dead but I'm not in a crazy bubble bed. Wake up. Then the alien angrily said, quote where you to tell me where to bed. Also had to laugh.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hooty, a new member of the Lloyd Bradbury family

Hellooooo I am a new member of Lloyd's family. Lloyd decided that my name should be Hootie. Well. He was at the thrift store the other day, he saw me. It was love at first sight. Especially since I had a price tag on may of only $.99. One of his friends commented the out should be called Hootie after the Hooters that are displayed at his favorite lunch place. I thought cooties would be better for a name. So I told Lloyd that would be my name. I am and how had puppe Hootie, who you looking at, Dragon. My name is Dragon. I will call you cookies, ha ha ha ha.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Lloyd Irving Bradbury – and early work ethic of a teenager

\Tit Cars That I Drove And Pose Asked. Another Way To Look At This Is To Say Cars That Pose Asked Me. It is now 2014. From this perspective I realize that the society that I lived in was dominated by cars and trucks. Someone not living through these years would question what I mean. The only way they I can relate this back to you is to tell you the story of my involvement in the American tradition of owning a car. I will try to relate to you every 10 year period in my life and use the car as a reference to events that I lived through. I will make a statement here. The car was a major possession that really changed lives in America. Everyone in my age group resemblance by the automobile. A must have possession was the car in the 20th century. 1900 to now 2014 the car is a major possession of America. There seems to be only two major possessions that created a status between one individual and another. They were the home and the car. I learned to drive a car by a method called trial and error. I believe it was more error and it sure was a trialing experience. One now that I will relate is the beginning experience of the first car. Well let me jump back to bed. One that drives a car must know how to drive a car. I learned how to drive a car through observation. This observation was done by writing in my father's vehicle and observing his craziness. Another means was to observe how people drove the cars about me. This was all done in a town that had a main street of about 3 miles long and side roads that were Clay going off of this paved street. The name of the street like most towns at this time was MainStreet. Farmingdale also had a railroad tracks running through it that carried both chickens and ammunition. One route went to Lakewood New Jersey and the other route went to the munitions depot of Earl so now you know that there was a railroad track running across the town and going down some of the side roads. This is important for later adventure in how not to drive. What I learned before I drove was said the wheel was to turn the car, the seat was to sit in, and the pedal was how you push a car along. The break was optional. This somewhat confused me when the car would start in reverse and go the wrong way. Later I would learn that there was also a clutch and a gearshift to propel the car in the direction that you wanted to go. The break was another adventure sometimes in some cars it worked in other cars it did not work there was also an emergency brake that one could pull up when the brakes failed. Or if you left it on one that could burn out and cause smoke to bellow from underneath the car. Another thing to remember was that if you tried to start the car in what was called second year or even third year the car with think you are crazy and just stop and skull. Another is very serious thing to remember was that the car. This gas was an expensive needed item and later on I found out there was something called oil in a car that burned 2 1/2 gallons of it each week. The first car that ever intrigued me was the one that my teacher had in Farmingdale New Jersey it was a rather square boxy thing and was electric car. Yes there was electric cars in the early part of the 20th century. They were slow and reliable and rather boxy looking. They were reliable in that they would run on one charge which would take them about a mile down the road and a mile back but then again most MainStreet were that law. Some of the milk wagons or should I say milk trucks were electric. Also some mail trucks were electric then again they didn't go too far down the main street to deliver their milk. Or their products. The first car that my dad had Was in Essex. Most people do not ever remember in Essex it was a backs boxy four-door very high car. I remember my dad in the wintertime to get the car to start would build a fire underneath it. Even to this day I'm amazed it didn't burst into flame. But then again I realize that the gas tank was slightly above and in back of the engine. It used gravity to feed gasoline to the engine. I wondered if it ever blew up it would land in your lap. He drove this Essex in till it just froze up and never start again. He then invested in a new car and got the loan from household finance. If he was still living he would probably be still paying on the household finance loan. This guy remember had trouble with first and second year so my dad use the reverse gear to go to work. That's right he drove in reverse back and forth to work. I believe it was one of those old early Chevrolets it seemed modern compared to the Essex. My dad's and he was a brand-new red coupe which the German engineer across the street had. It was a 1948 Chevelle or should I say Chevy let. Every time the car would go out of the driveway my dad would look up and curse. He would mutter the Germans would take over the world. I asked my dad one day to teach me how to drive. He said you will get your car when you're 21 years old. And I will not teach you quote what you think I am a driving instructor exclamation quote I'm glad he did not teach me how to drive. So I first started to drive it was with an old prewar Buick that doors open the opposite way. So if you open the door and traffic when it was part the car coming by would rip off the door. This could be a concern and would require some running if it happened. I bought the car in a junkyard for hundred dollars it had no battery so I mounted the battery and jumper cables from the seat beside me in the front of the car. The seats were like sofa chairs. This would be a problem later on. I started to drive this car one night on the back roads and I came to one of those crossing roads over the railroad tracks. It was starting to get dark and I mistook the railroad track for the other road. After bumping and something along for about a half a mile I realized that I was in trouble area the car suddenly tipped over and lay on its side. The battery short of an ignited the sofa chair front seat. Rather hurriedly I jumped out of the car on the driver side climbed over the car and had the presence of mind to remove the lice and plates just in case. That I remember there were no lice and plates on the car for I didn't even have a license. So I just did on the side of the road and watched the car burn. Finally the state troopers came along and were cursing that a car was on fire next a railroad tracks. They stormed over to me and asked me who was driving the car. This was the beginning of my Lai and to authority. I told him I did not know. I just saw the flames and was curious what was on fire. The state trooper looked at me and kind of snarled I think he saw through my line. That was the end of my hundred dollars that had taken me all summer long to acquire by painting and inoculating chickens. Oh but that's another story.\ Now what did I learn from this driving experience.; 1.0 never put the battery on the drivers passenger seat or you may burn your but. Two point 0 Never Dr. down a railroad right-of-way especially across the tracks where trains loaded with explosive were chickens may soon appear. 3.0 never invest money in a Buick 4.0 driving can be expensive and also hazardous to your health 5.0 never tell your father you drove a car without license plates and license. He may just laugh at you. This would make you kind of feel like an idiot. This would also stop me from experimenting with driving for at least another two years in till I reached being a freshman in high school. I vowed at this point to buy a car that was not so inflammable. Him him him him him him him him him


Boyd Irving Bradbury's biography. Teenager

Title: Ugly Fish David was a good guy. He was known as “the happy guy” at work, but times were bad and even though he was a very nice person and he got along with all the other employees, he’d been laid off. So he came home that day very dejected. It was early in the morning and his wife had already gone to work. He was thinking about this on his way home. When he arrived, no one was there. Well, he thought, “I could hang around the house and worry about what she’ll do and how angry she’ll be when she comes home.” Recently he’d had some arguments with her and some of them were quite verbal. She would always say that he was a lazy guy and that he always wanted to go fishing when there was work to be done around the house. So, there were some problems with the roof, with the plumbing, etc., etc. And each time he didn't fix these problems, his wife grew angrier. But now he’d have plenty of time to make repairs. But how could he face his wife? She’d be really angry. The only thing he could say would be, “Now I have plenty of time to repair the house.” But she’d probably scoff at him and say, “You? Repair this house? You'd probably repair somebody else's first.” He needed to relax. So how would he relax before she came home and prepare himself for the onslaught? Well, let's try his favorite – fishing. There was a path from his house to a little bridge over the Des Plaines river, and he loved to fish from the other side of the bridge at Riverside. But, Riverside forbade fishing on their side. That's why he liked to go (because there were no other fishermen). However, Riverside never really enforced it. The Des Plaines river had come back and now instead of three types of fish in the river there were 35 different ones. He thought to himself, “I don't even know 35 different species of fish. I wonder what they all are.” One of the fish he liked to catch was pike. A pike was long and thin and a predator – the number one predator of a lot of fishes (it had lots of teeth). But when you catch it, it really put up a fight. David liked to catch that fish but he always threw them back because he never wanted to kill them. As the day wore on, he was thinking about all his problems and all his life and all about what he was going to say to his wife about losing his job. He hadn't realized how quickly the time had gone and it was starting to get dark. So he thought, “One more cast.” And he cast out his line. All of a sudden he got really excited. He’d caught a fish! And he reeled it in and fought with it and reeled it in some more until he said, “Boy, this is a big pike.” And when he pulled out the fish, it wasn’t a pike. It was a saligralla – one of those fishes that are really ugly and have poisonous spines on them and a big mouth with lots of teeth. It’s a type of fish that was left over from when the river had been polluted. He wanted to throw the fish back and save his line. But, it had gotten tangled in it. How could he get it off? He fought with the fish to free it plus get the hook out of its mouth. In the process, one of the spines cut his hand and it started to swell up. Then he realized that his face had been scratched by one of the spines, and that he didn’t feel very well. Finally, he got the fish off his line and threw it back. He was in a terrible fix. “Enough is enough!” he said to himself. So he put all his tackle back in his fishing box, crossed over the swinging bridge and headed for home. On the way, he thought about his wife. “She’ll really give me hell now that I’m so late getting home,” he thought. Even after a full day's work, he was always on time coming home and now he’d been playing – fishing. She’d never forgive him. As he approached their house, he noticed it was dark. She’d never keep the lights off. He opened the door and called her name. She wasn’t there. Now, he was really puzzled. He looked all over and she was nowhere to be found. Now what was he supposed to do? He turned on all the lights so he wouldn’t feel alone and turned on the TV as well. All of a sudden there came a knock on the door! He thought, “She wouldn't knock.” Then, somebody was beating on the door!. Who could it be? When he opened the door there was a man standing there in a uniform with a badge. David said, “Yes? What can I do for you?” It was the local sheriff and he had a very odd expression on his face. He was looking at the wounds on David’s hand and face. “Is your wife’s name Sylvia?” the sheriff asked. David said, “Yes.” The sheriff said “This identification was on the body of a woman we found by the bridge.” “Oh, you mean the one where I fish?” David said. “Yes,” the sheriff replied, “Near the Des Plaines River. The woman was strangled. But she must have put up a heck of a fight.” David was amazed. He couldn't believe it! The sheriff looked at him suspiciously and said, “You need to come with me to the station and answer some questions.” Ury

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Lloyd Irving Bradbury – in search of heaven and hell

Sometimes, I wonder
when I hear God's thunder

where can have an be?
Is hell below the sea

where the birds fly free
is that where heaven be.
If I don't care ill I go there,
do I dare, not to want to go there

by Lloyd Irving Bradbury the greatest intellectual amongst the trees in the forest preserve of Chicago

Friday, February 21, 2014


Once upon a time – Lloyd Bradbury

This should be a picture of one of my paintings. But it is just an experiment actually and postings. Since it's been a while since I've used this blog.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Lloyd Irving Bradbury – never was it so cold

Never did it seemed this cold many years I'm old snow seemed to be everywhere people walked with great care no animals were to be seen for the weather was so mean it was the start of 2014 mother nature was not to blame there are others, to bear the shame for the world they want to claim they changed the world with their deeds for their greedy, money hungry needs

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