Sunday, September 30, 2012


A conversation with the dead

A conversation with the dead

I am sorry you are dead.

I do not forgive you.

He was a good man

you did not know me.

We will miss him.

I don't think so.

He loved us all

I hated you

he change the world

the world changed me.

He had great faith in God

I am going to hell.

I knew him

You are Me

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Forgiveness is our given by God

Romans eight team also in Genesis when God was looking for Adam and Eve he could not find them. God called out or are you Adam and Eve they said that they were in hiding. He asked them why were they in hiding. They said because they were naked. Then God said who told you that than he knew for they would had talked to the devil.

We always accept the negative as the truth. Always wear told that we can't do that, we are limited in our abilities, or that you will never amount to nothing. This is not true for God gives us the ability to overcome. We are all masterpieces of God and we can do what we do not limit ourselves to do. When somebody is critical and you are critical of yourself and self limiting hit the delete button.

Him him and him and his space

we can have the best computer and all the gadgetry that goes along with it. But what turn determines how good it is is also the software. If we do not have the right software or we make a mistake in choosing it we are self-limiting the computer one can have all the advantages and also disadvantages created by ourselves. When we make a mistake on the computer used the delete button. We have to improve the software. We can use this idea of using the delete button we make a mistake or think negative ourselves or have people think negative view. One must have undermined that you can delete by hitting the delete button and reprogramming ourselves with God's word and the Bible and using delete button to a race the negative evil words and deeds of others that will affect you from being God's masterpiece.

Our prayer that could be said premises

we are God's masterpieces he created them us in the likeness of himself. He gave us the information we need to create a greater life. He inspired us for good and not to follow evil we must going his way and follow his lead and when others obstruct us we must in no way just like we are controlling a computer control ourselves by hitting the delete button. Thank you God for giving us the ability to forgive ourselves and our delete button is called forgiveness. We forgive others who give us negative thoughts. We forgive ourselves for our self-limiting actions. We forgive others for trying to lead us down a path of nondrug justice. So thank you God for giving us a delete button of forgiveness so that our software and computer can be corrected. Thank you God for allowing us to believe that we are all masterpieces in the sight of God.

In a hospital in California to cover the walls with abstract masterpieces. This hospital is very large and serves many people. They have found out that art heels as well as the doctor. They have found that if these abstract paintings were on the walls people have to think and are distracted and use their own minds which are masterpieces and cells. They must view these paintings to matter where they go and they have opinions about. Even if there don't seem to recognize them the paintings have an effect to stimulate their minds. This mind stimulation actually helps heal those that are sick. But if they're blank walls and sterile walls what happens? People concentrate and how their field. Illness and the concept of cold reality of nonexistence. The sterile affect of the hospital does not heal but the warm affect of the abstract paintings seem to stir the life force within us. Our delete button in this case is to delete the negative concept that the hospital is a place of death and physical and mental illness point. The hospital can also be a regeneration of life and healing so the concept of portraying it that way is very important. Why do we also have white and sterile lien garments for the doctors and nurses. All colored garments could also be sterling and clean or at least some of some design. We have found that caregivers with multicolored smocks Linda Cherry and living active and healing view of their work for the patient. Why not also carry this true to all areas of healing caregiving workers. This does not have to be colors that would conflict with negative feelings but with top positive feelings. Why cannot Dr. not where pale blue or yellow or a pleasant dream. Why not create an air of healing not of authority and illness?

Why not hit the delete button when people oppose these ideas. What justifies our actions that promote a negative reaction for the patient's or is that matters anyone else that needs a brighter outlook on life. It is just the way that ties and jackets have somewhat disappeared in the workplace why not lend this to our healthcare professionals as well.

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