Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Lloyd Irving Bradbury – suggestions for a snake farm – marry Lloyd

Snake farm an opportunity – by Lloyd Irving Bradbury June 2014. My wife saw a snake on our little veranda type porch. We live on the first floor and apartment across from the forest preserve. On the porch. I put a little flowers and some containers of grass like structure. I usually store some on use potting soil and a few pots in the very corner of the friend the type small porch. There is enough space on the porch for to small chairs and a couple of flowers. In front of the porch are some flowering bushes only about 2 feet high that had just recently been planted there. The porch is made of concrete slab with an iron railing. The plastic chairs were bought for a few bucks. I have a small plastic table about 1' x 1' next to my chair so I can put a refreshment there. So it is June and the porch plans are out there. I put the houseplants very carefully out there. Or should I say my wife get it. I usually go for fun a tomato plant or a pepper plant in a very corner of the little porch. He usually thrives in gives one or two tomatoes. It is a great thrill for me to see them or should I say not see them. Since I am blind. But I feel that I am in the garden with all these plants surrounding me. Well, let's start the story. Maria saw a snake on the porch. She usually smokes on the porch instead of the house. I have been asking her to quit for health sake but she has other answers for me. So she went out to smoke with the snake on the porch. We love the shrieks and hollering. She took a broom and swept the big snake into the bushes. In her country. There are. This snake was a tiny little thing probably a gardener snake. It did not have a triangle or had dark awful body which indicates that it would be pointless. I don't think there's any snakes in the Chicago area. If there are there are very few. Snakes are also a rarity even around the forest preserves. So I consoled her and told her that we have an owl on the side the house. Maybe this how was trying to eat the snake and dropped it on the porch. I know it sounds like a con job and it was to alleviate her fears. So she calmed down. Next day it was another story. Since it was June she decided to clean up all the old pots I had a little bag of soil I had tucked into the tiny corner of the veranda behind the chair. With a broom. She started sweeping and uncovered the plastic I have put over the pots. She picked up one of the pots to clean it and there was a snake in it. With many screeches and hollers, she retreated to inside the house. I told her that maybe I'll had tried E2 snakes. But that did not go over very well. So she went out again with a broom as a weapon. She switched off the other snake into the bushes off the veranda. Then she started getting the the pots well. There was a nest of snakes in the other parts maybe about six. Half a dozen spiders a couple of other bugs that I don't even know what they are and she was shrieking and hollering and beating them all and train them off the porch. She did not want to kill them because she said she would be cursed, if she killed a snake. So I'll today. She is blaming me for raising stakes on the porch. She said I brought the snake and did this on purpose. That I must love snakes. But I told her. Even Adam and Eve didn't kill the snake that was in their garden. But she said I cannot experiment with my little vegetables anymore and the only thing she would allow on the porch is flowers that are of the non-snake type. I asked her what that meant. She said only I better not raise snakes on the porch.

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