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"Blind Art Art" Special Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Introduction.doc
Chapter 11 Introduction.doc

Many times we think we are alone. We don’t realize that we touch a lot of people as we go through life. Sometimes we touch them so softly, that we think we have not touched them at all. They in turn think they have no influence on you with their friendship or casual meeting.
In the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the movie character, Mr. Bailey wishes he were never born, an angel grants his wish. He awakes to find a world that he was never part of. The effect of him not existing allows evil and catastrophes to flourish. This brings him back to reality. He realizes that one’s life affects others.
I use this example to illustrate your life’s travel and how it changes other people. So now I will try to tell you how others have affected me.
All life is an adventure for good or evil. But this adventure is meaningless if you do not inspire and help others with their adversities. Also, you will share in their triumphs. Do this not for the rewards, but for the satisfaction of doing good.
This chapter shows my path through life. I will try to show you my inspirations and associations with friends. All have contributed to my well being. I have picked all categories of inspiration. This might inspire you as well as it did me.Comments:
WELCOME BACK! Good to see you blogging again my friend. Thanks for sharing this part of your book. Could hardly wait to read all the chapters.
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