Sunday, February 28, 2010


Grandchildren,Justine,Carol and Marija


Monday, We departed from our bunker.
On our way,WE crossed a snow encrusted trail which led to the swinging bridg.
Crossing it ,we headed for the MRTA Train. To Union station . Then AMTRAC to
Portage Wisconson. This was an adventure to see my Grandchildren.

It sure was cold in Wis.
We investigate the Anish.
The children were active 24hours a day.
When home the sielence was golden!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Is Mt Enemy Old or is Old MY enemy?

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Smart Dog

Betty knitted Snuggles a Christmas sweater.
On a cold, mad and snowball
She decided to dress her dog for a walk.
Betty led her dog to the mail box.
She didd not to use the leach.
When she reached the mail box,
she looked around for Snuggles.
She was in panic!
'My dog is dead!' she screamed.
Snuggles was laying on her back with all legs pointing to heaven.
Her beloved dog heard her.
Snuggles sprung to her feet.
Snuggles explained she was just keeping her feet warm.
Betty was joyful and took Snuggles into her loving arms.

So now you're writing poetry, Lloyd. I could wax ironic and say that this one was "doggerel," but you might take it the wrong way. Here is one of mine from my notebook:SuspendersReaching sixty I realize that my pantsdon’t keep up with my belt.My hips have been upstaged by mybelly. So I’ve taken up suspenders. And realize now why grandfathers anduncles in my memoryappear in such braces.The old joke was to snap them to get their attention.The new one is on me.As they hang from my pantaloons, shirt removed, they catchon doornobs as I leave a room, slamming shutthe room I just left.–David Moreau
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