Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Lloyd Irving Bradbury and His Dragon

Hello everyone, it is been a long time since I've been on this blog. But I'm back again. All my activities have been taking most of my time. I've Had a couple of art exhibits, I have given some hard classes at my church and I have also have an art exhibit at the Prairie trails satellite gallery of the Oak Park art league. Of course, I'm all you having my own problems with relationships and money. I'm trying to write my sailboat of life so I can sale onward. I'm still painting. In the next few days I will show you the new ones. Right now, I will try to reestablish links with those on the blog that I communicate with. Fortunately, Teresa Getty and her art exhibits have been related to me and I've put forward to seeing more of her paintings. An unfortunate thing is I have now a handicap screen which is somewhat negative. Therefore, it is hard for me to view photos and pictures. I enter on the blog. So have patience with me. Some of the pictures are hard. Maybe not what I am describing. The last few days I've gotten up at four clock to get my wife on the road. This has changed my life rhythm may be for the better.
     I am sitting here in Riverside near Chicago, awaiting a storm that the radio is announcing. They are really trying to create fear of the snowstorm. Although snowstorms are a usual event in Chicago. Now all I hear is fear this and fear that..
     Let I am celebrating. I am doing this by not giving up something but adding more to my travels through life. Here is my promise. Lent is a time when Let's Erase negative thoughts.

I now have a partner that dwells within my world. It is my Dragon. Although he does not exist in my dimension. We share this dimension of .
Yes I am the Dragon. I do well in the computer and eight the bugs therein. But I am always watchful for a big green polkadotted frog that may stray past this monitor. I also am Lloyd's conscience and if he does not behave I will bite off his head. – – Signed the Dragon

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