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Does the fragrance of the flower lure this lovely girl?
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Do you see the man looking at the fower of a women... Lloydnt

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Have We Noticed the Passing of God’s Creatures?

Have We Noticed the Passing of God’s Creatures?

We hear about the possible demise of polar bears, peregrine falcons, Pacific salmon and other species of high-profile. However, one overlooked victim of modern days is Passer domesticus, the common house sparrow. It is one of the bird species that have earlier been closely associated with us in our urban environment and, for many of us, a part of our younger lives.
Our homes often had sparrows as co-habitants. Any wooden rafter, crevice in the wall or opening in the attic, was confidently taken by the sparrow to build its nest. Although it was a nuisance because of the wispy nest material falling all over the place, it was often tolerated with good humor since it contained eggs, and to demolish them was anathema to most. Later, as the hatchlings emerged, they often wriggled too vigorously in their quest for food and fell out of the nests, but were promptly replaced by us with tenderness and care. The ones that didn’t survive found teary eyes and willing little hands that laid them gently to rest in impromptu graves dug in the backyard.
But all that is now a thing of the past. Our homes are now silent without the twitter and chirping of the sparrows, which seem to have either gone into oblivion or have forsaken us in our mad race in the material world. With our beautifully constructed houses and rooms of isolation, we effectively banished the sparrow from our environs and certainly do not feed them. And so, with no food and no place to qualify as home, the poor sparrow has all but made a quiet exit from our lives. Only a few die-hard stragglers remain, to make us more acutely aware of their plight. There may not be any scientific research conducted, and no questions may be asked to explain this loss. After all, the sparrow has not had any environmental agency rooting for its survival as there are for other high-profile species.

Ny my friemd Richard Craig

just in the news im Bridgeport,Chicago.
On a stree in Bridgepot, Humdreds of sparros gathered. They Drove the car and home owmers wild with their waste desposal. It was natures revenge! LLOYD

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Lloyd and his Art



Sandy ans love to another

A Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. It can also symbolize new beginnings. The flower meaning of daisy is “loyal love”, “I will never tell”.
see her flower series

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What Blake could do! What a mind.
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