Friday, June 29, 2012


Riverside Presbyterian Church visits a nursing home – Lloyd Irving Bradbury said quote this is a favorite of mine

God did not promise you World without Pain

God didn't promise days without pain

laughter without sorrow or son without rain

but God did promise strength for the day

comfort for the tears and a light for the way

and for all who believe in his kingdom of love

he answers their faith with peace from above

Monday, June 25, 2012


Lloyd Irving Bradbury

Perception is a controlled Hallucination

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Who will be our leader?

British service – nursing home first week of July 2012

the subject for the service will be who is your hero?.

There is a story Of Achilles, in Greek history. It is story about agree Carol that was admired as a hero by all. He was told as a prediction in his youth that if someone found his immortal spot he would die. The guides warned him of this. What guts were they were they with the legendary gods that he prayed to. He thought they had made him immortal.

As a leader he led his soldiers to many victories. They worshiped him and thought that they would always save them from their enemies. But the story goes on that in the battle Achilles was struck by an arrow in his heel. This was his immortal spot that could kill him. Soak Achilles died and so the legend goes that there's no such thing as immortality.

This is a good example that can be applied to what is happening now. Our country has a leadership that will be chosen in a new election. The country at this time is facing some serious problems. We look to these politicians as heroes to solve this predicament. The government now enters into our life in big ways. The we rely on the government to look after us. The United States has become our hero. Again we see that immortality can only be applied when we take care not to destroy what we believe in. So who do we worship in this coming election will they provide a government that will protect us all.

Personally is a very difficult choice. They are both men and men have fallacies they are not perfect. So we will vote for those that have lesser evils. There are no such heroes as leaders on this Earth. So we will choice will depend upon what faith we have in these politicians. We will hope they do well and protect us and protect the government. The politician we elect will create a better understanding of all our peoples. Hopefully love is a prerequisite to understanding all that dwell in this country.

Then who must be our hero. What politician has sacrificed his son for you. What politician is motivated by charity toward others? What politician gives you hope that everything will work out in glory. What politician shows that he will not be motivated by the greed for money.

There is only one hero they can answer all these questions. He has already in a book called the Bible. Jesus shows us in his parables what you must believe in. We know we can trust God. We know that he gives us rules for goodness. He shows us the path of salvation. Whether we believe that heaven is up above or hell is below, we know that this land was given to us and should be considered a holy place as well. If we make it hell it is because of our lack of not obeying the commandments sent by God. We have a choice whether to choose heaven and hell even on earth. There is no middle ground here like in politics one cannot choose hell because the other, heaven is the lesser choice.

Whether we choose one or the other politician. And the one that you dislike is elected we still have to move on and try to improve the government with Christian ideals. That does not mean that we subvert the government. Because our government is Jesus Christ and we are trying to obey what he wants us to do. Man is like a two edged sword. When he uses government he can cut himself or cut others. It is up to us to defined our earthly kingdom as God defines his heavenly kingdom.

God gave us free choice. What we choose from his word will depend upon whether we make this world a heaven or hell. Let us hope that all of us make a choice this way in regards to our government.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Attention –Ebb Tide

Had died – this is an open letter to you. I have lost my address book. Due to my lack of hand coordination and low eyesight I received a new computer from the VA. I now use Dragon speak only. This new computer is okay but I have lost my address book on my older computer. I need your e-mail address so I will post mine in the hope that I don't get so much junk mail. Use my name in lowercase and I am at Gmail.
I hope I can get in contact with you. A lot has happened to me since I last talked to you and would like to talk to privately any mail
God bless

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