Saturday, June 16, 2012


Attention –Ebb Tide

Had died – this is an open letter to you. I have lost my address book. Due to my lack of hand coordination and low eyesight I received a new computer from the VA. I now use Dragon speak only. This new computer is okay but I have lost my address book on my older computer. I need your e-mail address so I will post mine in the hope that I don't get so much junk mail. Use my name in lowercase and I am at Gmail.
I hope I can get in contact with you. A lot has happened to me since I last talked to you and would like to talk to privately any mail
God bless

Lloyd, got ur message. Sent u a
personal e-mail. Let me know if u got it. Lets keep in touch.
Lloyd, if u don't get my e-mails, here's my address:
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