Monday, May 13, 2013


An environmental friendly proposal – by lloydbradbury

Richard, maybe you could advise me on this proposal.

The UN has just announced that environmental friendly bugs should be promoted in the West so as to create new protein throughout the world. Since most of the world eats bugs one way or another. We also eat bugs ourselves but of course has accidents. The UN also blames Christian missionaries that a change of diet consists Africa for when the missionaries were asked to eat bugs they said it was not a Christian way.

Thereby and therefore I'll propose that the deacons meeting that we go environmentally friendly. This proposal will create a committee on bugs. The committee would advise us on how to raise bugs packaging them or crush them for protein for the cheese max that we are making for distribution. We also involve all the youngsters in a bug hunt that could raise money for missionary work. There are certain things we must remember to be careful about.

1.0 we have to be careful that we eat the bugs and the bugs do not eat us.

2.0 we must research and see if vegetarians are allowed to eat bugs. We don't want a disappearing or prejudice market toward bugs.

3.0 we must make sure that we do not concentrate on one bug for it might endanger that species. The bugs we package or crush for protein must be in a variety pack. You could also provide fresh frozen bugs.

4.0 we must be careful not to let the bugs we eat the food we eat. For example genetically hybridized corn for the bug might come out as a enrich product of corn.

5.0 we must be careful not to create a two class society one bug eating and the other heating the non-bugs. This could create a war the bugs.

I cannot see how anyone would object to our church roaming the community looking for bugs to raise money for the stained-glass window.

This proposal may seem strange to. Although it may be a proposal that is actually a product for the future. So how can I go wrong in proposing this to the deacons. They in a lot of their proposals have bug me it is my turn.

Lloyd and froggy is my technical advisor he states that he likes French flies

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