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Lloyd's Irving Bradbury's stories and poetry

Lloyd Irving Bradbury, seven 815 W. 39th St., Lyons, IL.


telephone number one – 708 – 447-2041

Lloyd Bradbury born in 1937, in New Jersey.

time he spent in an incubator as a new born, saved his life but also damaged his eyes. r eyesight created many obstacles growing up, but his persistence and intelligence helped him to survive.\

A stroke came after being and soldier, engineer and teacher. Started to paint, write short stories and poetry. Improving body mind and soul was now his objectives. This is accomplished. Also by giving lectures on improving self. Lloyd also has given art classes, religious inspiration, and puppet shows had nursing homes and churches.

A magnets and ladders poetry submission August 2014 by Lloyd Irving Bradbury, seven 815 W. 39th St., Lyons, IL, 60534


There was a maiden that lived in a castle.

She was afraid of people that would give her a hassle.

In a wonderful garden, she did stay.

She was in a loan in the garden to play

then a beautiful white goat came from. No where.

Now she had a pet. She would love to care.

She braided his two horns, instead of his hair.

Now for two horns. He had only one.

She smiled a wicked smile. She's now would have fun.

Now she could let him stay because she liked him that way.

There is a moral you know.

Goat watch out where you go

A short story submission by Lloyd Irving Bradbury.

Title: Ugly Fish

David was a good guy. He was known as “the happy guy” at work, but times were bad and even though he was a very nice person and he got along with all the other employees, he’d been laid off. So he came home that day very dejected. It was early in the morning and his wife had already gone to work. He was thinking about this on his way home. When he arrived, no one was there. Well, he thought, “I could hang around the house and worry about what she’ll do and how angry she’ll be when she comes home.” Recently he’d had some arguments with her and some of them were quite verbal. She would always say that he was a lazy guy and that he always wanted to go fishing when there was work to be done around the house. So, there were some problems with the roof, with the plumbing, etc., etc. And each time he didn't fix these problems, his wife grew angrier. But now he’d have plenty of time to make repairs. But how could he face his wife? She’d be really angry. The only thing he could say would be, “Now I have plenty of time to repair the house.” But she’d probably scoff at him and say, “You? Repair this house? You'd probably repair somebody else's first.” He needed to relax. So how would he relax before she came home and prepare himself for the onslaught? Well, let's try his favorite – fishing. There was a path from his house to a little bridge over the Des Plaines river, and he loved to fish from the other side of the bridge at Riverside. But, Riverside forbade fishing on their side. That's why he liked to go (because there were no other fishermen). However, Riverside never really enforced it. The Des Plaines river had come back and now instead of three types of fish in the river there were 35 different ones. He thought to himself, “I don't even know 35 different species of fish. I wonder what they all are.” One of the fish he liked to catch was pike. A pike was long and thin and a predator – the number one predator of a lot of fishes (it had lots of teeth). But when you catch it, it really put up a fight. David liked to catch that fish but he always threw them back because he never wanted to kill them. As the day wore on, he was thinking about all his problems and all his life and all about what he was going to say to his wife about losing his job. He hadn't realized how quickly the time had gone and it was starting to get dark. So he thought, “One more cast.” And he cast out his line. All of a sudden he got really excited. He’d caught a fish! And he reeled it in and fought with it and reeled it in some more until he said, “Boy, this is a big pike.” And when he pulled out the fish, it wasn’t a pike. It was a saligralla – one of those fishes that are really ugly and have poisonous spines on them and a big mouth with lots of teeth. It’s a type of fish that was left over from when the river had been polluted. He wanted to throw the fish back and save his line. But, it had gotten tangled in it. How could he get it off? He fought with the fish to free it plus get the hook out of its mouth. In the process, one of the spines cut his hand and it started to swell up. Then he realized that his face had been scratched by one of the spines, and that he didn’t feel very well. Finally, he got the fish off his line and threw it back. He was in a terrible fix. “Enough is enough!” he said to himself. So he put all his tackle back in his fishing box, crossed over the swinging bridge and headed for home. On the way, he thought about his wife. “She’ll really give me hell now that I’m so late getting home,” he thought. Even after a full day's work, he was always on time coming home and now he’d been playing – fishing. She’d never forgive him. As he approached their house, he noticed it was dark. She’d never keep the lights off. He opened the door and called Her name. She wasn’t there. Now, he was really puzzled. He looked all over and she was nowhere to be found. Now what was he supposed to do? He turned on all the lights so he wouldn’t feel alone and turned on the TV as well. All of a sudden there came a knock on the door! He thought, “She wouldn't knock.” Then, somebody was beating on the door!. Who could it be? When he opened the door there was a man standing there in a uniform with a badge. David said, “Yes? What can I do for you?” It was the local sheriff and he had a very odd expression on his face. He was looking at the wounds on David’s hand and face. “Is your wife’s name Sylvia?” the sheriff asked. David said, “Yes.” The sheriff said “This identification was on the body of a woman we found by the bridge.” “Oh, you mean the one where I fish?” David said. “Yes,” the sheriff replied, “Near the Des Plaines River. The woman was strangled. But she must have put up a heck of a fight.” David was amazed. He couldn't believe it! The sheriff looked at him suspiciously and said, “You need to come with me to the station and answer some questions.”.



Lloyd Irving Bradbury. My version of creation

Thinking About The Fabric Of The Space Time Continuum 2014.

Sometimes one wonders what dreams are made of. Dreaming of how are worlds began is like reading a blank book. Each leaf more confusing than the next. Especially after reading all the physicists have to say about all the different models that are used to explain the existence of our world. Also, the explanations of all the forces exerted in these worlds cannot be explained by one unification theory. Thus, it is important to believe that there is no real answer to who controlled the force of nature. The natural rules are in such an order or is it chaos. One cannot understand even that concept.

In thinking about this creation of it all. It is noted that the Big Bang theory exists. The existence of the Big Bang theory that it seems that everyone agrees on has some great flaws in it. Can something be made from nothing. I think that is really the greatest question of all.

No one could say that the first fabric of the time continuum was nothing more than lines of various forces aligned in one direction with three expect of the expansion of time. We could call this the space time continuum. All these lines of force whether we consider waves or particles seem to exist in space. The expansion of time led to these particles or waves extending prompts zero to infinity. This existed because the space time continuum began and ended at infinity and zero. This meant that in between these two events there was a continuum of energy. Much like taking a point on the circle and in time spinning the circle and ending at the same point but during the duration of time and the spinning there was a force that had to be exerted. This meant that the space Kiam continuum created all energy waves and particles been that existed in what we consider 0+ time.

Tab so let's look at this like paper laid in, stacks. Each piece of paper was an energy level and the particle and waves flowed through this paper. As long as all these leaves of energy, were compress there was no large spaces within the leaves of the paper and the spaces between the paper if there was any and all.

As the space time continuum continued the book of leaves changed. As the space time continuum expanded in every direction. There seem to be bubbles that form or spaces, between the energy levels of the time continuum. These bubbles or energy spaces could be considered waves or particles. This is because that even within the spaces and the waves there is matter expansion. Just like a balloon that existed and is deflated or inflated with energy added to it. Thus, energy what expand or contract the waves are the bubbles of energy called particles. The expansion of this energy also conformed and changed the particles due to the energy applied to them. Thereby the time change. These particles and also the waves so they existed in the time continuum of different energy levels.

Could that mean that there was no Big Bang, but a continuous energy expansion due to time that was created by the ever-expanding growth of space. Could this be the function of energy being added by the forces of collection created by energy fields of like and dislike. Combinations of forces changing with respect to the age of time. Is time the creation of everything. Sometimes we can relate this to that frequency equals one over the time. And frequency is the vibration of everything. Thereby could not energy of likes and dislikes create this vibration and therefore create time. It would not take a Big Bang, it could take a long time growth of forces that would be expand into time. Every four seems to be related to time..

It seems that whoever set off the Big Bang or whatever started the Big Bang must've had generated a match to this firecracker. That would imply that they would have to be energy to begin with to create the Big Bang. Why couldn't the Big Bang be nothing more than the growth of energy with respect to time created by all the growth of energy within or without. This energy seems to be over expand over and under creating all kinds of sex and these forces growing or decaying and therefore creating what we sealants see and feel. If we were to judge our senses, which are very frail we would only see the energy of always forces in a very natural are very narrow spectrum. We could extend our forces so that we could transduce a lot of the frequencies and use them and we can also create them. Thereby I think that they must in a way be created by their sheer existence. Now, one would say what would create always forces. Just maybe one could conclude that the expansion of time is nothing more than pulling strings of energy in an ever expanding way. And when these strings of energy are stressed just so far they will snap back in 20 again and restart back to infinity and to the great snap. The expanding use the universe in time could also be referred to as the shrinking time created by the collapse thing of the universe or universal forces.

Note to the reader, including me;

this is only a unproved theory of which a model could be somewhat produced. Certainly a model and a mathematical proof could prove this theory. But there is one problem with me here. Neither am I qualified to make the model or the proof. This is just an idea that with imagination could produce a story or writing that may be interesting.

From the mind of Hootie and the Dragon and little Hootie and the puppet creator. Lloyd Irving Bradbury September 1, 2014


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