Saturday, May 31, 2014


Lloyd Bradbury's apology for a free-form poem that was not free of mistakes

An apology; in uploading this last set of poetry. There are so many mistakes that one would think it's freeform. When I uploaded the poetry. I did not realize that it had been sitting on my desktop for a while and therefore errors had been absorbed by Dragon speak and or trade as part of the the poetry. But I will correct it as soon as possible as soon as I get some sleep and some alcoholic beverages. So I can be drunk when I do it. Because I certainly was drunk when I posted this it seems that way. Although I have not had a drink and 30 years it sure look like that I had gone the Binger or should I say binge. So to all my poetry fans God bless you. Dragon and my new owl pet are really admonish me for my sloppy presentation. But I will overcome. Lloyd Irving Bradbury the poetry wizard of the backwoods

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