Saturday, June 17, 2006


Pastel First cass at Larary

The first class at the library
It muat be tweeked due to time restants.
The workshop was devided into three parts
The Artist for the evening was Henri Coustue.
His character and motivations.
His Art examples
The Dreame
The second part iwasa quick sketch
teniques used by this fantasy painter,
Then the third part was doing a quick sketch.
We used colored paper and charcoal to shjow the usage of shapes
They enjoyed the excersize but were a little timid in there application.
So I revied each and encourage them to sketcg,sketch, stc.
All thre sections
I stressed composition light, etc. Then I gave them a tour and exp of my art displayed around the Library, Just barely accomplished all my goals.
I went home and wife hollered at me because when she came home from work I was not home!! I was beat and went to bed .
(see pictures at previous post.)

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