Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Will George Lunt help me?

Yes last two days I have been following my wife’ agenda. It was hectic. We were in the Chicago loop doing some legal maters. My head hurts when I am involved in legalize. Of cause nothing gets settled just continued!
During this time between the will of the law I though of two painting I must paint.
My wife left for her 24 hour job! I sprung into action and painted two paintings. The last few night I awoke and choose my colors and other needs. At about 3 am and ten went back to sleep at 3Am. The Mexican food I had eaten provided the propellision and gave new explosive motivation expressed in the Paintings both are very different from each other. Both are acrylic. Both are abstract.
I will post them tomorrow. If my friend Geotge Lunt will help me!
I must also review the tape I made for my workshop using Henri Causteu. His fantasy style, color and shapes. I will tell you about the cases tomorrow.
Right now images of color and shapes are dancing in my head.
Time to dream of other sport. So goodnight.

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