Thursday, October 18, 2012


Big fat snail Dog

In acquiring a new computer and loading the latest operating system I have created some difficulties for myself. One difficulty I have had is creating a new e-mail. The other problem I've had is getting used to the new blogspot dashboard. When I had my old blog I could enter in many pictures without difficulty. These pictures were of my paintings and sketches. Being blind it was difficult enough with the old dashboard. I had memorized all the buttons and where they were. But now again they have rearranged the dashboard and it's a little more difficult for me to enter in my heart works. I've also come to some other difficulties in that I've had to reload all my old paintings and pictures from one computer to the other. I have done this by entering them into a thumb drive or directly to my seat drive on my new computer. To all those that may have to switch data from one computer to another you can make a femme fatal mistake here. In one way it's not so fatal since it is all there the data and the pictures, but being one that never use subdirectories I have all this information scattered about. So I have to search for every picture that I've ever made by their titles. This can be a problem since I can remember the titles are the years that I painted. I have painted over 500 paintings of all stored in my computer as pictures or JPEG's and also articles and stories about them scattered about the computer. Also I have taken a college course at the Hadley school for the blind, also other articles I've written since I have been out of the rehabilitation center at the VA hospital. I have loaded Zoom text and Dragon speak programs so that my eyesight very limited and my hands crippled can utilize the computer. This utilization is quite different., Since the programs himself a rather cumbersome and have some and extrinsic behavior that makes file search a little problem. But I will overcome all these difficulties all it takes is time. But fans and casual observers please have patience with this character. I now have many many more paintings pictures and sketches to enter in to my blog. As you see my blog is kind of a journal at least he used a big. Now I can only answer the information and pictures on a daily basis I'd be happy. The limitation here is that there's so much to catch up on that I've already done on the computer but not have entered in the block. But be patient I will overcome these problems. Now you'll get a note from my new companion it is a Dragon that dwells within my computer. Everyone so I'll will get a note from him since he is also dwells here.

This is a Dragon speak and; quote I feel sorry for is trying to do his best but every once in a while you will see common for me that may be somewhat derogatory of his particular skills. He can only overcome these difficulties by finding me a big fat green polkadotted slimy frog for me to eat otherwise he will be in or defeat. I really fix them on the Internet the other day he closed his message by saying something nice but I substitute the words big fat snail blog to a person of interest. She was offended I wonder why?

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