Friday, October 12, 2012


Water by Lloyd)

A list for water elements of poetry chapter 3 exercise one

water is nature's daughter, life without is not worth a quarter

wars would be fought, life shown without quarter

Europe rose to power with seapower,

first was fought for gold and silver and oil than water

this list is for the first line of the poem introducing watchers why is it simply fought over

List from a book on water.

This is about mother nature's daughter, who is called Sweetwater.

She can treat you to a windy cold chill provide you with a steamy hot thrill..

she can also be very still in deep.. She sent the

Titanic ship to death sleep

she is a mother of us as well because in our body she does dwell.

In our body her blood does flow until it is time for us to go.

We abuse her and do not realize her beauty, and we will lose her.

Civiliz is ations never calculated her cost until they were lost.

thanks for this great topic really i love it ... waiting more
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