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Lloyd Irving Bradbury – Poetry

Hello, Lloyd:

thank you for assignment Five. Your grade is A.

The poem addressed to the dragon is good and true. There is a dragon in computers that we must overcome! I think you can improve one line that says, youngou saying a different song.

Correction: You sing a different song.

The conversation with the dead man is powerful with emotional suggestions. Was it a murder? You say: He was a good man.

Who is heree?

I have your other assignments and will grade them as soon as I can. Next week, I have to attend a meeting with the Hadley School members and many instructors will be there. Thank you for your patience.

Jerrie Lawhorn

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>From: "Lloyd Bradbury"
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>Subject: elements of poetry chapter 5 unit two exercise

>Lloyd Bradbury

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>attention Geraldine L.

>Elements of poetry unit two poetry strategy

>Chapter 5 is addressing A specific audience

> dear Dragon, why do you speak

>note, this is a'' type of poetry

>apostrophy poem

> I wake you up so you can hear me speak

> You I do not Fear

> to understand I must be clear

> you do not breath fire

> or does your heart desire

> do you cry and have tears

> or do you have no fears

> because you have no dears

> when I speak wrong

> you saying a different song

> some would say you are a freak

> because of your computer speak

> where do you dwell

> certainly not in a water well

> or a creature from a fiery hell

> I know you're in the computer deep

> a speech program when called to sleep

> this is a poem written on July 6, 2012,

copyrighted by

>Lloyd Irving Bradbury

>A conversation with the dead

> I am sorry you are dead.

>I do not forgive you.

> He was a good man

>you did not know me.

> We will miss him.

>I don't think so.

> He loved us all

>I hated you

> he change the world

>the world changed me.

> He had great faith in God

>I am going to hell.

> I knew him

>You are me.

> By Lloyd Irving Bradbury the magnificent


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