Saturday, January 14, 2006


I wrote this many years ago!

I found this short stoty on my computer.
I wrote It when living alone,
on Californoa and arxher Av. in Chicago

I first moved into my apartment a few months ago. Upon sitting on my porch and feeling the warm breeze I fell lightly to sleep.
A Sudden flash of black in the shadows awoke me. Did I imagine it? I did not see it again that day. A few days later I spotted the reflection of some thing in the glass of the kitchen door. What was that? I looked and saw nothing. There I go again seeing things.
More and more I saw the movement in the courtyard and started to hear things as well! I now heard tiny crashes, swishes and the pitter pats of little feet.
One day while opening a can of tuna fish for lunch, I heard a noise by the window.
Here he was looking at me. Exposing himself for just a minute, The smell too inviting. Then he was gone in retreat.
Now I knew! That Big Black cat was stalking me! We have not become friends yet. So we watch each other intently. One day we will learn how to trust each other.

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