Sunday, January 15, 2006


Black and white

Positive and negative perspective

As an artist I see this biosphere in many dimensions.

I usually use a picture editor to gibe another view of my art

One of these functions is called INVERT. Most editors have this picture command.

All views of my paintings are recorded using a digital camera or scanner. This depends on the size of the art work.

Ths also allows one to change size and print a copy.
You can then see any special effects of the picture editor.

Being almost totally blind I eee bits of a painting this way. The puzzle pieces are assembled in my mind, uusing the computer as a tool to see.

The painting was make in three sizes.
One was made in oil with many bright colors,
another was a sketch in pencil. and still amother as a grafhc printout as illustrated in the blog..
The painting object is Surorealistic.

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