Tuesday, January 31, 2006


City garden (=)*Hi Ivy

Have you seen one of these plants?

They are from Brazil, I had A RED Vained one, about 20 tears ago! I filled a large bucket with wallnut shells and chopped up banna skins, topped it off with soil from the side of the city walk. So a big rule was disobeyed.
The soil should be free of orittes, molds and fungus. Also weeds are ever present in the earth. Experience tells me now, I should have baked the soil. Or better yet bought some potting nixture.
I put the plant near a radiator . We livrd in one of those old Chicago flates where you had to get a pass to enter, (from the rats). The radiators were always leaking steam, even in the summer. We watered it when we saw it go limp.
The plant grew into a large sprawlling jungle. it grew tiny white flowers.
I loved to see The plant fold at night and open during the day. Some strange bugs appeared and the weeds had to be plucked.
We both prospered.

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