Saturday, May 24, 2008


Glazing before Glazing your res over blue

Hint............Build your colors and tones slowly. Leave the painting to dry between each coat or layer of paint (glaze). This way, if you make an error you can correct it easily by wiping the new paint off. Or, if you put down a color and find it’s too strong, wipe off any surplus. If you want to even out your colors, I find the best thing to use is a sponge. To add background design is to scribble wet paint with sharp back of yor brush.
SandyCarlson : 8:20 PM
i like this one!
# posted by NaNcY : 6:03 PM

Your color is so rich. In this picture I see a bird and a man--I see spirit!
If you have a Hemingway moment, you might want to participate in this:
Six-word Memoir Meme
i like this one!
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