Sunday, May 04, 2008



"BLUE"What is blue?Blue is the moonlit sky.Blue is the ocean.Blue smells like salt.Blue is a line.Blue is oh so sad.Blue is the tears from your face.Blue is rain.Blue is a shivery thing.Blue is a cold shivery pool.Blue is a big wet splash!............................ By AUDREY RESELLA
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Thanks for posting Audrey's poem on your blog. I am happy to have lots of traffic because of this poem. Just wondering why the poem makes you feel pink? Why not orange, the opposite of blue.
I am glad you're not feeling blue today. Hope you're feeling better too. Last month, my upper right leg was also inflamed. Not because of too much walking but from painting non-stop on my feet for months. Never experienced such kind of weeping pain before, so I visited my doctor. The medication helps. Now I paint w/ varying position. I sit down and stand up. Go up the stairs. etc.Artist shouldn't suffer from painting.
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