Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Painting Glazes some theory part 1 ...Join Me for a few minutes a day!

Painting Glazes
After the two story break , let get back to our painting fun.
Glazing is building up color by applying thin, transparent layers or coats one of top of another.Each glaze tints or modifies the color of the paint beneath it. When you look at a painting, the color is mixed optically giving a deep, rich color
let learn by doing and find out the effects we can achieve. a glaze of red over blue gives a richer purple than you’d get if you mixed the red and blue paint together on your palette before you applied it.
a glaze of red over blue will then be our firstt combination of colors. Our starting point of application will be choosing the platform to apply the paint.


Good and simple art lesson. Yes, I agree that a glaze of red over blue is a richer purple than when mix together. I will miss your art lessons and will be away for four days.
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