Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Glazing Part3 preparing the surface on the panel to paint

I was given some card stock that was 9 x10.5 inches. David at Grumpys saved them from food seperators . This material was harder and smoother then cardboard. Look around yor area for a hard material of this size frame canvas,wood or heavy card stock. Canvas mounted on hard board are sold in art suppliy stores are also good. You will need three.
The trick here is to prepare your surface of these 9 x10 panels. What is needed is a smooth surface. You do this by apply a polymer coating of GESSO. You can buy a small amount at the art supply store
Are you ready with your psnels, sponge and Gesso?

I'm ready to follow your lead. This looks like fun. I'll be back when I have my stuff. God bless.
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