Friday, February 07, 2014


Lloyd Irving Bradbury still lives

Dear readers;
it is been a rough new year. My lectures of how to enjoy body mind and soul will now predominate this blog. It will also show my new art, new poetry and short stories. There are many reasons why I haven't blogged before this. One experiences have been pretty complexed. But I will try now to communicate to those that have kept in touch. Hopefully the next blog will contain much more information. Now this one is inevitably a test to see how it would appear. My next test will be how I can access my art and to display it. So now look for a new painting that will pop up.
Lloyd Irving Bradbury

Hi Lloyd,
Happy that you're blogging again.
Where have you been? What happened
to you? Why so silent? Hope to get
some e-mail from you soon.

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