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Cantata nursing home rough draft series to stemwils

Is is is is is is is is is him and him and him Cantata nursing home high-class new session using stencils April 1 year 2013

nursing home wheelchair group was started last year. We had about 20 participants in the painting class. After six sessions the class was down to seven. There was also about five spectators. The first few sessions we covered the basics of using paint and brush and colors. When we started to create a free will painting it became more difficult for them. The first painting was flowers. That went well but it took at least two painting sessions. Then we started to paint a candle on a dark surface. This did not go well for the group had dwindled down and we had some newcomers that were not up to doing this project. There were but a few that could and did but it required a lot of volunteers. So we had some complaints about not finishing a project to the management. They usually have a session that could tease the project and how they liked it. It seemed like they want longer sessions to complete their project.

I evaluated the problem what was needed was a little change of approach I noted that their creativity was very low. They seem to need a paint by numbers approach so I thought maybe we could inject stencils into the class. I bought some stencils and by using tape on the back of them pasted them on a canvas. My is to give them the stencils so that they can create objects and their canvas then fill in the detail.

The nursing home called me after Easter and said they were short of personnel staff. But I would have to start giving him the lecture in two weeks. In the meantime I will prepare the stencil idea and complete three paintings using stencils a very simple basic one using a white background and three flower stencils and a butterfly one.

Then I will create a canvas with a colored washed and surface using three-star stencils and a butterfly. Then we will fill in the detail.

Than the third will be a frog stencil sitting on a lily pad with insects like butterflies flying around him with the bright sun and read about him. The stencil will be the frog and of course a butterfly the sun of course will be a round circle and clouds added and the Lily pad nothing more than a sort of oval with a slit in it. The weeds or reads will be punks that are nothing more than straight lines with elongated ovals on the ends the colors will be reading Brown multicolored butterflies and a big orange sun.. This will give them a choice of three objectives those that have more skill can try the frog does it have lesser skill can try one of the others. Maybe it is best to try the first one and finish it then the second one and then the third one in the series so the series of stencils will be;

1.0 the flower three and one butterfly with plain background

2.0 the next in the series will be a dark background of green a butterfly and a bouquet of star flowers and round flowers with leaves. This will add more of a dimension to the painting

3.0 the frog stencil a waterlily, a pond of water three read punks and a butterfly with a bright orange sun all shown with a dark blue background or green

this will complete the series showing basic stencils. Now my next step will be as series of Christmas paintings using stencils. The stencils needed for this project will be a Santa and his reindeer sled. A snowman drawn in freehand, a home stencil clouds and the moon added freehand on a dark blue background. One could also add a Merry Christmas stencil in the sky. Each craft painting would be individualized by the colors. What could be done is a numbering system on the original painting showing the colors to be added almost a paint by number system but the choices would be up to the student. If painting was not the result achieved. We could provide pencils and a 10 white paper to make a poster.

A choice of painting or poster would be at the discretion of what was wanted and could be achieved.

We must decide whether a poster or a painting canvas would be best for the project. We could also use stars in the sky or whatever could be added to make it more of a project.

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