Wednesday, January 02, 2013


A test and a reminder. The picture is a test

This is a reminder to make. I will give an art class At Cantata nursing home. January 6 will be the date at one o'clock. With the condition that I started and finished a painting within that class time we will see how that works out. They have learned all of basic psyche give them. Now comes the test of how these 20 students will react to me from beginning to finish of a painting. The only concept I must understand as well as the student is that there's less talking and more action. Also I must find out what kind of platform they have. I better look through all my colors and all my art stuff to make sure I cover 20 of them if some of them do not bring their materials. This should work out.

Hi Lloyd, I love that idea!
I would like to visit you next week when I am in Chicago. Can you email me at
It would be a joy to see you!
With love,
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