Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Teresa Getty contact lloydbradbury. We Are both artists from Chicago

Teresa Getty I wanted to contact you I haven't heard from you in a long time. I notice you've done very well with yards. I wish to compliment you. I know you now live in Wisconsin. And I see your pictures on the web. I lost your e-mail and thereby the contact with you. My address book was deleted by a transfer to my new computer. I would like to renew our friendship. We both share the same enthusiasm for art. It is also my birthday and my time go short. So I would like to commiserate with you. We always had and the power of imagination and that we had in common which we shared in our adversities.

Dearest Lloyd, I actually thought that I wrote to you recently, but didn't realize that I had just sent my comments to a friend.
I have been thinking about you so often. I would love to commiserate with you. It is so timely that you are on my mind and that I am on yours. I miss you. I want to see you.
I am going to do some thinking and scheming of my own in a bit....i will let you know the results.
Teresa, your always friend!
Hello Teresa you can contact me with your e-mail my e-mail is just lloydbradbury at Gmail dot net is there is a leader and not its morning it's is not to Bristol breakfast well you can do it in psych and have it for lunch WHICH you would Maria can you clean up the kitchen a little bit
New e-mail – lloydbradbury at Gmail dot net
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