Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A new perspective

This is a start of my new perspective. I awoke and found myself as a senior citizen. All along I have accepted what I am. Who am I?
In last few years many illnesses have plagued me. My body mind and soul has been affected by my journey through this life.

Many of us wake up to this fact when a certain lightning bolt strikes you. Especially when you're given a caregiver and a medic alert.
I guess we all fool ourselves to the fact that we make need help from others. It is hard for me to accept this.
I have just recently written a book called Blind Art. I also have pain in many paintings. Over 500 paintings are floating about out there. My friends on the blog every question paintings and At the time I couldn't even respond. My friend ebb tide and also forever art is an inspiration to me I regret that I have lost her e-mail and others as well.

I have adjusted by their hope many of you have. I will tell you my story because maybe it'll help somebody else that is stressed out with the aging condition.

I will not give up the battle! So what have I done I've got a new computer with Dragon speak and Zoom text. I have gotten a role later that has wheels a basket to carry stuff and deceit to sit on one about their amongst the jungle people. The next step was to find transportation. I have just about exhausted my friends. But I've learned that you must alternate them and by volunteering and becoming involved in church and other organizations that you make many friends that are willing to help you. Also I've got point-to-point transportation by the CTA. I have found a good taxi number in case of emergency. I have investigated all department of aging benefits that I can get. I'm a veteran and thank God for that. The Heinz Junior VA Hospital in Chicago is one of the best for rehabilitation. Most veterans can get a lot of rehabilitation for free plus meds. Or they have to pay a small amount for them. I wonder when someone will create a co-op for seniors so they can buy bulk medicines. If one is careful with finances you can get aid from most states with Medicaid. This reduces your medical bill. Also when you see your doctor and ask for free meds if he has any. Usually he will respond. Don't take a no answer always try.
Also their food pantries that can help you if you're in need. Sometimes with such organizations as Meals on Wheels you can maintain your your nutrition.

I still have to investigate how to get free dental care since the Veterans Administration hospital only pulls teeth. I already have among this dental bills and hold medical bills in other hospitals. I'm also suffering from a $900 bill by an eminent service. My credit is very bad but I don't worry about at the moment my only worry is I can survive. As a disabled blind senior citizen I can only live each day at a time. I am very thankful that I have all the assets that is provided to me by the blind rehabilitation center of the Heinz hospital. Anyone that is a service that can should apply for benefits. I have talked to many seniors and a lot men and women are afraid to accept benefits at the veterans Hospital due to prior experiences in their service career. I can insure them that the hospital I go to is one of the best. Picture, ^, if not the very best.

So I'm rambling on. My next objective is to tell you how I survive my depression, pain and isolation from the community. One way is to explore your talents that lay dormant within you. Mine is painting. Maybe you want to write poetry and right. And also there is music and other arts and crafts. Just don't get in the mold of claimant but explore it in depth. If you than the paint join and I gallery club in your community I have joined Lagrange Illinois and ursine and Oak Park heart leads. They usually offer art classes to members and even outsiders. There were also other clubs for the hobbies and arts and crafts.

So now I have a better perspective I am thrilled that I have still opportunities to achieve. No longer will I doubt myself as a tossed away senior. I must regain my self-respect. This can only be done by getting off my butt and getting out there and doing my thing. Whenever you're thing is get out there and do it. Even if it's just a blog on the Internet.

Hello! U didn't lost me. I visited ur blog about 3x but ur're at the
rehab. Will e-mail u sooner.
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