Saturday, March 31, 2012


Trying to use Dragon speak

AApril 1 Palm Sunday the year 2012.
The joy of the coming of the Messiah. Christ was always teaching the word of God. All his examples were extreme ones. One can recognize that from his parables. The people wanted a Messiah. They also wanted a hero.A Hero that would change your life through cod and him nquest of their enemies. The Romans were a severe oppressor. All people underneath them wanted a physical hero. This hero was to deliver them from their enemies without sacrifice. They wanted something for nothing. They wanted a God that would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies but why sho is the Jews already had many kings that overthrew their enemies but in them dues disobeying the laws of God were given to their enemies by their own hand. Why words not there other kings the Messiah and deliver them out of bondage forever.

Christ wanted to show them that God would show them how to spiritually improve themselves so eventually they would discard the tyrants of their day. The problem with this approach is it takes a lot of sacrifice and a lot of time to create peace and harmony with each other. War never created peace in the long run only it creates peace for a period of time but if evil develops and the word of God is ignored again will come the water and the extreme sacrifice for nothing. Some wars are fought for preservation of a way of life but this life cannot be purpura preserved if the laws of God are denied. Hatred, jealousy, pride, lust, greed and lack of compassion our old sinful ways. But war does not change these since. War only delays evil. Only evil can be deleted to feed it by using God's direction to satisfy wrongs. Unfortunately people think a fanatic is a person that will not fight. Fighting occurs when there's so communication between people. One must also defend what he believed if a world turns evil we have to fight to correct it. This is quite a sacrifice. Ford goes against all we have been talked. And even in defending ourselves in the long term we are punished by our memories of the conflagration.
War was always present in the Old Testament and it would seem that God condoned it. The Jews were taken by the Egyptians as slaves they in turn were directed to the promised land where they in turn destroyed other people and other kingdoms. It would seem that the New Testament gave us a different point of view point this point of view is that you could love one another as thyself. We will still have more and there will be evil plenty of it to fight. But war should not be used to promote the self-interest of power and greed. We cannot turn the other cheek on evil but must come fullface to it. But we must not fall to the evils of war but concentrate on war as a corrective function that would eliminate suffering and persecution. The soldiers of the Lord God should be like his angels defending the faith, the principles of Jesus Christ. A soldier does not have to be evil a soldier can fight for good as well but he must be careful not to be reduced of his adversary. This cake great sacrifice on the soldiers part. But if the soldier believes in Jesus he fights for his salvation. He also must protect the innocent as it they will not be seduced by the evil of the adversary. There is a thin line between evil and good but Christ tells us we must try to make our choices for good. This means that we should try to Karen war. Also to be strong enough to defend ourselves for the principles of good. This is a hard choice for any soldier..

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