Friday, March 02, 2012


A trip in time saves nine

Last night I returned to the blind rehabilitation center. This was after using paratransit to go home. As usual my driver got lost. I live on W. 39th St. They always get lost by going to 39th St. I felt that I should call them up to inform them that maybe if they get lost they should look and make sure it's W. 39th St. and not 39th St. They told me that the driver just was held up by a train. After waiting for 15 min. I recall them. The dispatcher said that the driver seemed to be lost. I reiterated to her that the problem lies that he was probably on 39th St. I held onto the line until they contacted him again through their FM radio. He was wandering around asking all kinds of questions on how to find this little street. The problem is that this little street is both that ended on both ends. Biggest intersection is on Ogden and Joliet Road. So again he looked of course he went past the street. And wound up he wound up in an area that is famous for getting lost. This place is Riverside Illinois. Designed by Mr. or stead. All the streets there seem to go in circles. This was to eliminate people it wanted to go through the little village to the bigger part of North Riverside. After an hour or so or more he finally arrived. He informed me that he was 26 years old and this was his first job. I thought to myself it might be his last. I sympathize with him. For I told him that many bus drivers and taxicabs get lost trying to find my place.
So I arrived at the blind rehabilitation center after being out for three or four hours. Unfortunately most of my time was spent waiting for the CTA bus And the so But then who could complain since the cost was only three dollars for the ride.
So I arrived at as semi-darkened blind rehabilitation center where it seemed most were sleep. And I was to soon be in that condition myself.

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