Thursday, March 01, 2012


Blind rehabilitation center

Hello, I am at the blind rehabilitation center. My objective is to use and create Dragon speak so I can talk direct move online to my blog. This will enable me to write more. Also I found Zoom text and over Dragon speak. Unfortunately we have some bugs that have occurred within this process. But they will be ironed out by my illustrious teacher. Have some wonderful programs for those that are visually impaired. I will post a picture of myself and anybody else I can get on this e-mail to show you. People at work.

Today we also all sent in an application for the Hadley school for the blind. I will take a class called elements of poetry. This is no short course. But I want to take the course. I have written many narratives. They are in poetry form. I want to be able to express myself and my life events in a structured poetry concept. This will allow me to enter poems in forms that can be entered into competition. Many of my paintings are inspired by my narrative type poetry. I would like to improve these narratives and convert them to a structured poetry.

I am a self-taught individual. Most of the things I have done have been learned by doing. This process of painting what is expressed in words keeps me in illustrating a lifetime. This lifetime accentuates the concept of improving body mind and soul.
I believe that we must unify body mind and soul to fulfill our lives. Many people improved body. They go to school for mind. They go to church and read the Bible or some other book about another religion to greet faith and soul. Unite all three functions of there being.
I hope you agree that this is one of a better approach in creating a better life.
We seem to battle the philosophical ideas versus science and faith. Each one of these ideas seems to be at odds. They are not they also have to be unified into body mind and soul. Each as a powerful place within our being.

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