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lloyd ircing bradbury art demo

Hi, Lloyd
Your demo sounds great!

The British Home is located at
8700 W. 31st Street in Brookfield.

When you get to the entrance, take the far left driveway to Woodlands. We will be in the Maple Room. The receptionist will tell you where it is. I'll be there at 1:00 and the program will start at 1:30. I'll have the room set up before I take my lunch, so feel free to come earlier if you need more time to prepare.

I'll see you on Monday. Please call me or email if you have any questions.
My cell is 708 354-8741.


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British Home Art Demo


Two blank canvases with negative space.

Four canvases with colored backgrounds.

Two brushes.

Dark colors and light colors wrapped in rubber bands.

The primary colors wrapped in rubber bands.

The colors are all in small bottles so I can see them by putting them up to my eye. I am basically blind but I do have a little sight in the right eye.

I use my brushes in a free-spirited way. Now what does that mean? You will see as I demonstrate this process.

Now I’ll set up the easel, base and canvas and introduce myself. I am dressed in my painting clothes.


My name is Lloyd Bradbury and I’m an artist. An artist that creates free-spirited paintings. What does that mean? I paint for my own relaxation, my own removal of anxiety, my own creative satisfaction. I have found that this is my way of creating and satisfying myself with this creativity. I have found that this method of painting allows me to improve my body, mind and soul.

All of us have seen many paintings showing lifes’ events. Paintings can show historical events, portraits, landscapes, seascapes and all events of the physical world. Now the camera can replace and record all this.

The limitations of the camera are lack of emotion, consolidation of the scene and imagination.

The painting can overcome these limitations. The painter can create a picture that is worth a thousand words and a thousand photographs.

So let us start and I’ll show you my idea of free-spirited painting.

The Demonstration:

This will not be a painting created by an old-world master. This painting will be about us, the events around us and how we feel. The observer of my paintings can relate to his own world, the events and emotions around them.

Let’s Paint:

Let’s splash some color on the canvas. Let’s chose some light colors like light green, blue and yellow are smeared on the canvas. This is called a broken color technique. They are blended into each other. Then take a damp cloth and whirl it around the canvas. I’m going to put this one aside and take one that has already dried and show you the effect.

Now we have changed the negative space of the canvas. Notice now all the color is in the background. They show no images and enhance our background.

This method was used by the impressionist painters at the turn of the century. Also, the old masters have used this technique. This technique can also be used to create beautiful skies and water are not blue as most people believe.

Why not start with flowers because this is something everyone knows about. I first take a brush dip it in a little water and start with a little tube of paint which is dark green. This will make great stems for the flowers. Now I have a pattern of stems criss crossing. I avoid the edges and corners as well as putting too much paint in the center. Now, I will take this used brush and put it in water so as not to contaminate the other colors.

With a fresh brush I can now paint some primary or secondary colors, like red, blue, yellow, violet. Let’s take blue for instance, I’ll put little blue petals on the flowers. Then rinse out my brush very thoroughly, dry with paper and then put little yellow dots in the center of the flower. Then I’ll take red and make a different type of flower and use my yellow dots again at the center of these flowers. Then, let’s take a secondary color like purple and make another flower. We will put little stems with blobs running out to make this into a lily.

Hey how about we put a butterfly in here. Now let’s try to make a bird. It doesn’t have to look like a bird exactly, just the idea of a bird. So as we go on we add more and more.

The Finish:

So when are we finished? This exploration is like going to a destination but you’re taking some side roads. Sometimes you don’t even know when you come to the destination. So sometimes you have to take a break, have some coffee and look at this painting again. Well, this is the end of the demonstration for I will have some coffee and look again at this painting to see if it needs more or if I should just quit.

If I decide I don’t like the results, I can use Gesso, which is white to cover over my painting so I can start anew. So this is the end of the demonstration, what do you think of the painting? What questions do you have?

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Hi Lloyd

I was going to try to reach you today so we could talk about Monday's demo......what you might need, etc.

I'll call in the afternoon and we'll talk. I'm really looking forward to having you come and inspire all of us.

British Home
my cell 708 369-4149

very very nice~~
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