Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Lloyd Irving Thinks Vacation...

Artist and vacation.

A canvas is like a trip. You can plan a destination or not. We could have random trip as well without a specific destination once I decided to go around Lake Michigan. At that I had a partner that had not seen this area of this country. Just this memory spurs memories to paint.

When I paint I do not just spill paint on canvas. The memory of past or present is my diction of my picture of a thousand words. I also use dreams of the future. Some times my expression of a mood is the object of my painting.

The blank canvases begins the and the finished painting is my destination. My adventure leads me to use many sides of emaginationexpression of self. This trip is the mosst fun . Although the complete trip gives great ratification. The record of this afventure is told on one page of canvas.

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