Saturday, June 04, 2011


Life is a blank Canvas.
Description A blank canvas reminds us of life. It houses so much potential and so many opportunities for creativity, and the artist has the knowledge and the tools to make it into something beautiful. We are new creations, blank pages ready to be crafted into an incredible work that brings glory to the artist. Our lives are God’s canvas.
In the most simple way, tomorrow without creativity is like a re-run of yesterday. Creativity realizes the blank canvas before it and begins to create something beautifully suspended in the endless white space. Our tomorrows should be filled with innovations and ideas that glorify the God who inspires creativity with His sheer greatness. Canvas will emphasize the invitation Jesus gives to experience real life, where being connected to God and joining in His cause for world restoration are at the center of who we are. And everything we were created to be, comes alive as we join our lives with His body

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