Sunday, June 12, 2011


Blind Art….By LLOYD and David……..I have painted over 500 paintings. My coffee book is a project almost finished. It has created My respect for authors

David and will measure 90 paintings. will put this info in blogs. I paint in a frenzy. This leads to not cataloging my art. David can read a measure, I can not. He will now help in this endeavor......LLOyd Irving Bradbury

Thanks for being part of the journey.
Wow! You are a painting machine! And I love all of your artwork :D
Good luck on your book and I hope we meet again at the gallery.
Sounds amazing. I want to buy a copy. Keep me connected.

Thanks for your feedback on my blog. I am sorry you feel as you do, but I will reflect on your feedback. I guess I am not sure what changes you are talking about. So I will do some thinking. Thank you for being an honest friend.
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