Sunday, May 01, 2011


a note to Self

PARTING THOUGHT: I have read many books written on the life of Vincent Van Gogh. His life was very sad indeed. His happy masterpieces and vibrant colors were a sharp contrast to his unhappy life. He imagined a happy life but he was too frustrated with waves of problems and ended his life. On the lighter side, his artistic life is not in vain. Every time, I look at his paintings, I feel happy and inspired. Artists should continue to create art, no matter how difficult one's circumstances are. God gave us this creative gifts to inspire and make others happy. To those who are gifted with other creative talents, you can also be an inspiration in different ways.
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Hi Lloyd,
Thanks for posting this thought.
I am back doing oil painting and
as always Vincent Van Gogh continues to inspire me. I am working on a colorful scene that I saw when I was in Bangkok, Thailand-the floating market. I am using lots of complementary colors like Vincent. We'll see how it will come out.
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