Tuesday, January 04, 2011



Both of you have inspired me to write my art book. It is a lonly endevior. Ebb tide explains worlds I will travel As does Sandy photos to paimt and not give up in self denial that of my talents. I have 6 chapters so far writtem and outlines of the rest. Every night I prepare fotr to transscrip my tapes/ He has am English Major. I think one must have a support group or humem frailies prevail. Thank you all.

note' Read bommentents on last blog....

I would love to read your book.

You are my favorite artist.
I am excited about about your new art book & could hardly wait to read it. Thankful that I am an
inspiration. We should never give up on our goals. Each new year is another chance to start anew.
Great to connect again. Your art work is looking powerful. The book project sounds exciting. Look forward to staying in touch.
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